WMATA Has Pulled Out of Next Week’s ANC Meeting on 2/13/2020

Message to Glover Park and Cathedral Heights Communities

February 5, 2020

Dear Neighbors,
The key agenda item for the upcoming Glover Park/Cathedral Heights ANC meeting next Thursday, February 13th was to have been a special presentation from Metro officials to share their proposed changes to a number of bus lines serving our community, including the D1, D2 and the 30S, 30N and 37 routes, explain their reasoning and encourage people to participate in Metro’s public comment period.
We first invited Metro to participate in one of our ANC meetings back in December when word of their proposed route changes first broke. Originally Metro committed to attend our January meeting, but asked to instead attend our February meeting so they could present after Metro’s board formally accepted  the recommended changes and initiated a comment period to open on Saturday, February 8 and last through March 2.
We then worked with Metro to have staff arrive early to next week’s meeting and set up posters in the Stoddert lobby providing more detailed information about their proposed route changes. Through the weekend, Metro officials repeatedly confirmed that they would attend the February 13th ANC meeting.
Unfortunately, we received word from Metro earlier this week that they will not attend our, or any other ANC meetings, to discuss their proposed service changes. The only meeting they now plan to hold is a meeting for ANC commissioners on February 11th.
We have strongly protested this unfortunate decision by Metro and have asked Council Member Cheh and Mayor Bowser to intervene and urge Metro to reconsider. We think it is important for Metro to meet with its constituents to discuss the route changes that have a potential to significantly impact life in our community.
We will continue to keep the route changes and Metro’s appearance on our agenda for next Thursday’s meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. at the Stoddert Cafeteria. We hope Metro will reconsider and attend. Our intention from day one has been to make sure all of you understand what Metro is proposing to do, why they are proposing to do it, and how you can weigh in.
We expect Metro to honor its prior commitments to our ANC and attend next week’s meeting. We believe Metro must be available and accountable to all of us taxpayers who fund this public transportation system. But we feel obliged to inform all of you that at present, Metro has reneged on its commitment to attend our meeting.
You are welcome to join with us, the Mayor and Council Member Cheh in urging Metro to reconsider its decision to not attend meetings like next week’s ANC meeting. Please feel free to contact Metro’s public liaison, Ann Chisholm, at AChisholm@wmata.com to let this public agency know that it must meet with the public about these proposed service changes.
In the meantime, we will continue to post all relevant details, including how all of you can weigh in with Metro on their proposed route changes, on the special page we created on our ANC website: https://anc3b.org/saveourbuses/.
Brian Turmail
Chair, ANC 3B
Mobile 703.459.0238