Save Our Buses


Unless we make our voices heard, Metro’s proposed bus service changes will go into effect on JULY 1.

WMATA Public Comment Period:  WMATA will open the public comment period when it releases the full information on its proposals for changes in fares and services as part of the draft FY 2021 budget.  That is likely to be coming in the first week of February.


  • WMATA representatives have confirmed that they will attend ANC 3B meeting on Thursday February 13 at Stoddert Elementary School and Glover Park Community Center at 7 pm

The Issue:

WMATA is proposing a series of fare hikes and bus line changes and cuts as part of its annual budget to be adopted in April and implemented on July 1. The proposed bus cuts have angered the Glover Park, Cathedral Heights and other neighborhoods which have seen bus service reduced time and time again over the years.  In Glover Park and nearby neighborhoods, we have no access to Metro rail and depend on the D1, D2 and 30-31-33-37 bus lines for access, which is limited at best already. Parts or all of those lines are slated to be restructered or cut in the current proposal.

The Proposed Service Changes Affecting Glover Park and Surrounding Neighborhoods:


  • Route 30N and 30S between Friendship Heights and Southeast (Wisconsin Avenue Northwest/Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest/Southeast): Service in Northwest D.C. would be eliminated and replaced by additional service on Route 31 and 33 which terminate north of the National Mall and require transfers for cross-Mall/cross-city trips.   The changes would also cancel the last bus of the night.
  • Route 37 (Limited-stop Wisconsin Avenue): Route would be eliminated.
  • Route D1 (Glover Park-Franklin Square): Route would be eliminated.
  • Route D2 (Glover Park-Dupont Circle): Bus line would be folded into a new route with G2 (P Street-LeDroit Park).
These routes are the only public transportation to downtown and NW/SE for residents, schools and businesses of Glover Park.  These proposed cuts will not only negatively impact commuters but also kids who can’t get to schools without the buses, workers who can’t get to jobs in Glover Park without the buses, seniors who can’t get to doctors, and caregivers who can’t get to seniors. Without public transportation the neighborhood’s competitiveness and livability are at risk.
Attend Meetings and Make Your Voices Heard!
  • WMATA Board to release its proposed “docket” (description of proposed fare and service changes as part of the FY 2021 budget) on Monday January 13; LINK TO DOCKET:
  • WMATA Board to meet on afternoon of Thursday January 16 to finalize the docket (possibly with changes), open a public comment period shortly after 1 pm and set a public hearing date (TBD).  Metro Headquarters Building, 600 5th St., NW
  • WMATA representatives have confirmed that they will attend ANC 3B meeting on Thursday February 13 at Stoddert Elementary School and Glover Park Community Center at 7 pm
  • ANC 3B is requesting that WMATA hold a public community meeting during the comment period about the proposed changes and cuts and to bring together all the neighborhoods affected by the proposals.  Request Made.  TBD.
  • WMATA Public Hearing on Proposed Changes and Cuts will likely be in late February (specific dates have not been announced yet). Metro Headquarters Building, 600 5th St., NW


Contact Metro!

  • Twitter: @wmata
    Instagram: @metroforward
  • Suggested hashtags:  #metrobackward #keepgloverparkbuses #saveourbuses
  • When the Public Comment Period Opens, submit your comments! [LINK WILL APPEAR HERE.]
    • SUBMITTING COMMENTS DURING THE COMMENT PERIOD IS CRITICAL.  Please be specific.  Include your name, address, what bus(es) you take, what stop you use, where you are going to/coming from and the time(s) of day. (Note:  Comments Received Outside the Public Comment Period will not be included in the public record.)

Sign a Petition!

Please sign one of the 2 citizens petitions against the deletion of these routes:

Petition for the 30 buses:
Petition for D1 and D2 buses:

Let People Know of Metro’s Proposals!

  • Elisabeth Poteat is spearheading an effort to inform the schools.  Please e-mail her at to find out how you can help.
  • Put up flyers in your building or on your street.
  • E-mail your neighbors.