2017 ANC3B Annual Report

December 1, 2016-November 30, 2017

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3B serving Glover Park and Cathedral Heights (“ANC3B” or “the Commission”) holds public meetings open to every member of the community to discuss issues affecting the area, share information, and make policy recommendations to city decision-makers. The Commission has five members, each representing about 2,000 residents in the community. ANC3B meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of every month except August at Stoddert Elementary School and Glover Park Community Center. All meetings are announced at least a week in advance, usually more, and proposed agendas are shared on the ANC3B website, www.anc3b.org, email, and local listservs. The Commission invites residents to suggest agenda items for future public meetings and each public meeting includes time for an “Open Forum” in which anyone can raise issues, comments or questions.

ANC3B reports to the community about each meeting by posting a summary on the home page of its website, which is also published in the Glover Park Gazette. Detailed minutes from each meeting are posted at the website, as are copies of all resolutions and formal letters that were voted on.

Between December 1, 2016, and December 1, 2017, the Commission voted to approve 20 official actions, including 9 resolutions on city policy matters; 8 letters to city officials advising them on proposed policies or requesting specific actions to meet community interests; and 3 resolutions supporting local community activities.

The Commission does not have an office or administrative staff. Instead, the Commission’s by-laws authorize the use of the funds it receives from the District each year to support community-based projects and local needs. Local non-profit organizations, schools and service agencies are invited to apply for small grants (up to $2,500 within a single year) for efforts that benefit the local community. The Commission approved 8 grants during the 12-month reporting period totaling $12,541.93 ($403.08 was returned as unspent by the grantee).

The Commission invites representatives of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Second District to each meeting to present local crime statistics and discuss public safety issues of interest to the Commission area, including traffic safety.

The Commission also heard presentations from 7 city agencies and organizations on their services and programs, including: DCRA’s Homeowner Center; DPW’s street cleaning and neighborhood clean-up programs; DC Water’s Meter Replacement, Downspout Disconnect and free Rain Barrel programs; DC Circulator; the Department of Forensic Science lab; and the Office of Public-Private Partnerships.The city informs the ANC about any applications for liquor licenses or zoning permits in the community. In the past year, ANC3B voted to support a new liquor license for the proposed Trader Joe’s and negotiated a settlement agreement with a new Domino’s that requested zoning approval, both on Wisconsin Avenue.

The following actions were taken by ANC3B during this 2017 reporting period (December 1, 2016-December 1, 2017):


1. Letters and Resolutions on Policy Matters

Letter to Mayor recommending additional funding for senior services in FY2018 budget for DC Office of Aging after significant cuts in FY2017 (12/16)

Resolution in Support of Revised Settlement Agreement with Mason Inn (12/16)

Letter to DC Council urging rejection of revised ANC Omnibus Amendment Act (12/16)

Letter to DC Council urging rejection of new revised ANC Omnibus Amendment Act (12/16)

Letter to WMATA opposing proposed elimination of 37 bus route in FY2018 budget (2/17). The WMATA Board decided to continue operating the 37 bus route.

Letter to DC Public Service Commission recommending reductions in Pepco’s requested rate increase (3/17). The PSC denied Pepco’s requested increase and approved a rate increase of about 50% of what Pepco requested, which will be partly offset by rate credits to residents from the Pepco-Exelon case for at least the first year.

Letter to DC Council Supporting Including Funds for Clean Teams in District FY 2018 Budget (4/17). The Council notified the ANC that the Glover Park Clean Team will be continued for FY 2018.

Letter to DC Council Supporting Increased Per Pupil Funding for DC Public Schools in 2017-18 Budget (5/17). Although Mayor Muriel Bowser originally proposed only a 1.5% increase in the school budget, the revised budget added $11.5 million, including more funds for schools in Ward 3 and along with guidance to restore staffing cuts.

Resolution in Support of Lifting No Left Turn and Adding a Traffic Signal at the Intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Observatory Circle (5/17). This was a joint project of ANC3B and ANC3C. DDOT has agreed to lift the No Left Turn and Install a New Traffic Signal at the intersection, although further study requested by Observatory Circle residents has delayed the action.

Resolution Opposing DDOT’s Proposal to Eliminate DC Circulator Service on Wisconsin Avenue between of M Street and Whitehaven (6/17). DDOT received dozens of comments from Glover Park and decided not to eliminate the Circulator service north of M Street.

Resolution Requesting New Stop Signs on Cathedral Avenue NW between 39th Street and Glover-Archbold Park (7/17). DDOT is conducting a traffic investigation.

Letter to Board of Ethics and Government Accountability Regarding Draft Opinion on ANC Ethics (7/17). BEGA is reviewing comments and considering whether any changes are required.

Resolution Requesting Steps to Address Traffic Congestion and Pedestrian Safety at Wisconsin Avenue and W Place NW (10/17). No action or response to date.

Resolution Requesting Improved Pedestrian Safety at Tunlaw Road and Davis Place NW (10/17)

Resolution Recommending Removing Parking Spaces and Improving Safety at Wisconsin Avenue and Fulton Street NW (10/17). DDOT removed the parking spaces in December 2017.

Resolution Approving (with conditions) Domino’s Application for a Zoning Special Exception and Variances at 2330 Wisconsin Avenue NW (11/17)

Resolution Approving Trader Joe’s Application for a Class B Liquor License at 2101 Wisconsin Avenue NW (11/17)

2. Measures to Support Community Activities

Letter Endorsing Permit for Glover Park Day (4/17)

Letter Supporting Friends of Guy Mason Springfest at Guy Mason Recreation Center (4/17)

Vote to Support Glover Park Citizens’ Association Proposal to Install Five New Sets of Public Benches in Glover Park (9/17)

3. Grants to Community Organizations

Iona Senior Services, $1,189 for defibrillator for Iona’s “Active Wellness” program at Satterlee Hall, St. Alban’s Episcopal Church (12/16)

Glover Park Village, the designated non-profit organization assisting local seniors with rides and services to enable them to remain in their homes or apartments, $2,500 to help cover costs for liability insurance and postage to support communications (3/17)

Wilson High School Instrumental Music Booster Club, organized under the auspices of the Wilson High School Parent-Teacher-Student Organization, $2,500 to repair and replace instruments, equipment, and uniforms for the high school band (3/17). $403.08 returned unused.

Stoddert Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization, $1,671.70 to purchase equipment for the school track team (3/17)

Iona Senior Services, $850 to print more of its service information leaflets for seniors in the community (6/17)

Community Foodworks, manager of the Glover Park-Burleith Farmers’ Market, $2,465 for three new canopy tents, brochures, posters, and sandwich boards to improve the operations and awareness of the market held in the Hardy Middle School parking lot on Saturday mornings (9/17)

Iona Senior Services, $366.23 to purchase two dry-erase whiteboards for use in the newly reconfigured meeting rooms and activity rooms at Iona’s center in Tenleytown (9/17)

Hardy Middle School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), $2,500 for purchasing books and other library materials to help bring the school’s library up to date (11/17).


1. DC Government Agencies

DC Office of Public-Private Partnerships, Director Seth Gabriel Miller (1/17) briefed the Commission on its program to foster partnerships between government and private organizations to build and maintain DC’s infrastructure including projects to renovate the aging police headquarters and to replace the city’s streetlights with LEDs

DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), Andrew Wiley, Residential Plans Reviewer with DCRA’s new Homeowner’s Center, discussed resources available to ease the process for homeowners to get permits for home improvements, including a new “Deck Guide” and streamlined processes for homeowners to develop safe designs and get permits to build ground-level decks in their yards. (5/17)

DC Department of Public Works (DPW), Celeste Duffie, Community Relations Specialist, spoke about DPW’s spring clean-up activities, street sweeping, the “Helping Hand” program to promote neighborhood clean-ups, and general trash and litter management programs (5/17).

DC Water Clean Rivers Project representatives Lilia Ledezma, Bethany Bezak, and Amanda Zander spoke on the free Downspout Disconnect Program, including complimentary rain barrels, available to residents in the Glover Park area who are served by Combined Sewer Systems, to encourage them to divert water from going into alleys, streets and storm sewers. DC Water also provided an update DC Water’s Green Infrastructure Program and the status of plans for installing GI practices in Glover Park (6/17).

DC Water, Tanya Hedgepeth, Construction Outreach Coordinator, April Bingham, Program Manager for the Water Meter Replacement Program, and Franklin Baylor, Field Services Foreman, presented DC Water’s plans for replacing aging residential water meters (“smart meters”), meter transmitting units, and lids in coming months in Glover Park and Cathedral Heights (7/17).

DC Department of Transportation (DDOT), Sean Egan, Deputy Associate Director for Transit Operations, and Circe Torruellas, planner for DC Circulator services, spoke about DDOT’s annual review and proposed changes and improvements in Circulator service, including potential elimination of the section of the Union Station-Georgetown route north of M Street to Whitehaven Street in Glover Park, took comments and responded to questions (7/17).

DC Department of Forensic Science, Director Dr. Jenifer Smith, spoke about the new state-of-the-art lab at 401 4th Street SW which investigates forensic evidence from crime scenes, sexual assaults, and public health challenges (9/17).

2. Presentations by representatives from the DC Council and other city officials

Councilmember At Large Elissa Silverman spoke about her priorities and legislative initiatives, including the status of the 2016 legislation to provide paid family and medical leave for individuals who are self-employed or work for private employers in the District (2/17).

Shawn Hilgendorf, Legislative Director for Councilmember At Large Robert White, spoke about the Councilmember’s initiatives for education, employment and work force development, tenant protection, and rights for citizens returning from time in the criminal justice system (5/17).

Cameron Windham, Community Liaison for the Office of the Attorney General, spoke briefly about what OAG has been doing under Attorney General Karl Racine, the first elected Attorney General in the District, and outlined OAG’s priorities, including juvenile justice, affordable housing, and consumer protection, along with financial literacy, youth violence, behavioral health services, and jobs and other services for returning citizens (7/17).

3. Other Informational Presentations

Dr. Lawrence Singer addressed the Commission regarding his proposal to buy the Union building at Calvert Street and Wisconsin Avenue NW, and operate a private dental clinic (1/17). He subsequently notified the Commission that he would not be purchasing the property.

Whole Foods officials Mary Ann Sack, Executive Marketing Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Region, and Todd Schrecengost, Metro DC Marketing Team Leader responded to residents’ questions about the abrupt closing of Whole Foods Market in Glover Park for renovation (4/17).

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ferrante and Eva Shpak, representatives of Community Foodworks, the non-profit organization now managing the Glover Park-Burleith Farmers’ Market, spoke about their plans for the market, which is held every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm in the Hardy Middle School parking lot.

Marcia Bernbaum, Advisor to the People for Fairness Coalition, spoke about the Downtown DC Public Restroom Initiative and Bill 22-0223, the proposed Public Restroom Facility Installation and Promotion Act of 2017 introduced in the DC Council and moving toward hearings (11/17).