Update on JP’s Liquor License

After JP’s nude dancing liquor license was renewed last spring (despite a vigorous protest filed by ANC3B and a large group of residents), the license was transferred to a new owner and then another new “owner” surfaced, and another and another.  The entire group that claims to be connected to the license came to the ANC meeting to present their security and parking plans in advance of reopening. But the ANC first wanted to learn exactly who the owners were, how ownership was structured, and who would be in charge when it did reopen, a series of questions that were insufficiently answered.  Consequently, ANC3B passed a resolution to ask ABRA to hold a public hearing on pending changes to the ownership and management of JP’s before approving them.  Who runs JP’s is a critical matter, as the resolution explains, “because the disruptive effects of a nude dancing establishment on the community can only be reduced by responsible and responsive management of good character.”