September 2013 Meeting Summary

ANC 3B addressed the following issues at the September 2013 meeting:

DC Water Plans Major Glover-Archbold Park Project

DC Water attended the September ANC meeting, leading a lively discussion about a major project in the works for Glover-Archbold Park.   At the bottom of the valley in the park – generally following the contours of the Foundry Branch stream – is a 100+ year-old main sewer pipe that has now outlived its useful life.   DC Water informed us that the structural integrity of the pipe has been compromised – it has been exposed in places due to erosion, damaged by vegetation, and has fractures and holes associated with age.  DC Water tells us these concerns must be addressed, or that, at some point down the line, we risk a catastrophic sewage leak.

They presented two options – neither of which is ideal.   Option 1 would be expensive and disruptive, removing the sewer from the park and replacing it with pumping stations outside the park that would be plagued by noise and odor problems.  In Glover Park, under this plan, there would be stations near the park at 42nd and Beecher, and 42nd and Calvert, near the community gardens. This would obviously not be ideal.

But the other alternative presented by DC Water – keeping the sewer in place, but re-lining it – is also not ideal.  That would require building a 14-foot wide temporary road north-south road through the park from New Mexico Ave. to Reservoir Rd.  This would mean the loss of trees, and be a significant (but temporary) disruption for park users.

There are also opportunities if the project is done right.  For example, DC Water could help address long-standing erosion problems along the hiking trail, or even “daylight” the old Foundry Branch stream, restoring it to something approaching its original natural flow and providing another new resource in the park.

Complicating matters is the dual jurisdiction over the project.  DC Water is responsible for the work, but the sewer is on land owned by the National Park Service.  ANC 3B will be working – along with other affected ANCs and community groups – to make sure that our voice is heard and that the interests of residents of Glover Park and Cathedral Heights are protected as the project moves forward.

For more information on this project, please check the ANC 3B website, and

Zoning Update

In February 2013, ANC 3B passed a resolution supporting a rewrite of the District’s zoning code.  This process is slowly moving along, with the Zoning Commission setting public hearing dates on the rewrite.  ANC 3B will continue to monitor the status of the update.

October Agenda

The next ANC 3B meeting is scheduled for October 10, 2013 at 7 P.M.  Councilmember David Catania has asked to attend to speak to the community about education issues in the neighborhood.  If you have a child who attends one of our local schools – Stoddert Elementary School or Hardy Middle School – or if you have an interest in public education in the District, this is sure to be an interesting meeting.