Rock Creek Park Leader Attends ANC Meeting to Discuss Glover-Archbold Park Issues

Tara Morrison, the National Park Service (NPS) supervisor for Rock Creek Park, attended the April ANC meeting, presented a brief overview of what NPS does and took questions from the audience related to Glover-Archbold park. She prefaced her remarks by saying that concerns about off-leash dogs needed to be directed to park police.  She also explained that the budget cuts from the sequester have hit the park service, making clean-up and removal of downed or dead trees slower, but that NPS is doing all that it can.  She told us that any tree problem in Rock Creek or Glover-Archibald parks should be reported to Diana Bramble at 202-895-6000 .  If you have questions or concerns about park-related issues, you can reach her at