Parking Changes Coming? Will New DDOT Rules End Parking Near Ward 3 Metro Stops for Glover Parkers?

Parking in Glover Park is always a hot topic, and it could get even hotter.  DDOT’s new Parking Director, Angelo Rao, appeared at our November meeting to tell us about steps DDOT is taking that could lead to citywide changes.   ANC 3B conducted surveys and considered changes to our Residential Permit Parking rules last year, but was unable to move ahead.  We identified two conflicting priorities for Glover Park residents – making more parking available for more residents for longer hours, and making sure that, when residents had guests for get-togethers and parties, those guests had a place to park.  We were simply unable to achieve a consensus to ask DDOT to implement changes.

Now parking is back on the agenda.  DDOT has been conducting “Parking Summits” citywide, and is considering a wide range of potential changes – including performance parking in commercial areas, modifications to guest-permit rules and residential permit parking hours, and changes to residential permit zones.

ANC 3B and numerous other Glover Park residents let Mr. Rao know about our ongoing problems in Glover Park, and our difficulties in reconciling competing parking interests.

The range of potential changes under consideration presents both an opportunity and a risk.  While we have some hopes that DDOT can help us unravel the parking knot in Glover Park, we also identified some very serious concerns.  One change that has been discussed in some neighborhoods would reduce the size residential permit parking zones around metro zones.  Under this change, there could be separate zone for Glover Park , Cleveland Park, Tenleytown and other Ward 3 neighborhoods.  If this change is put in place, Glover Park residents will no longer have resident permit parking privileges at the four Ward 3 metro stops – Woodley Park, Cleveland Park, Tenleytown-AU, and Friendship Heights – further restricting our community’s transportation options.

DDOT is continuing its neighborhood meetings, and Mr. Rao is continuing to take input on proposed parking changes.  Please let him know your views – he can be contacted by email at