October 2019 Meeting Report


Commissioners in attendance were Ann Mladinov (3B01), Jackie Blumenthal (3B02), Melissa Lane (3B03), and Mary Young (3B04), and Brian Turmail (3B05).

Police Report.  Sergeant Randy Shedd reported that theft from auto continued to be the biggest crime in the area.  One violent crime was reported in the last month.  It was an armed robbery behind Good Guys.  The case was resolved with an arrest because of video footage available from security cameras at Good Guys.

Discussion of the “Second Look Amendment Act of 2019 (B23-0127).  This proposed legislation would further amend the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act (IRAA) of 2016 which offers the opportunity for those who committed serious crimes before age 18, received long sentences, and served at least 15 years to petition the court to reduce their sentences.  The current legislation proposes to extend the opportunity for re-sentencing to adults who committed crimes between the ages of 18 and 25.  Renata Cooper from the U.S. Attorney’s office briefed on the history and background of the legislation.  Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh , co-introducer of the bill with Councilmember Charles Allen, reported that the legislation is currently in the Judiciary Committee and under negotiation.  CM Cheh would like the factors that are considered in any re-sentencing petition to also include the severity and heinousness of the crime.  If the current legislation passes, the probable population of incarcerated individuals who could potentially request re-sentencing is about 600. To date, the number of successful re-sentencing petitions under the IRAA as amended is 19.

Grant Request from Iona Senior Service to Buy Laptop for Classes/Workshops.  Jennie Smith-Peers from Iona Senior Services presented a grant request for $830 to purchase a laptop for their second-floor meeting room.  The room is used for a variety of purposes and lacks a dedicated computer to run the projection system.  The grant was approved unanimously.

Presentation by DC Office of Campaign Finance (OFC) on New Public Financing Program.  Tammy Abrams and her colleagues from OFC spoke about a new voluntary campaign finance matching program.  The Fair Elections/Public Finance Program offers to provide start-up funds and a 5 to 1 match on donations to candidates running for a DC office (other than ANCs) who agree to accept small-sized donations and not accept donations from corporations or PACs.  The goal of the program is to broaden the base of people who can run for public office and allow candidates to focus on their message rather than fundraising.

Presentation by DC Water on Its New Assistance Program for Lead Line Replacement.  John Deignan from DC Water described the Lead Pipe Replacement Assistance Program which provides free or discounted replacement of lead pipes to DC property owners.  All property owners are eligible for a 50 percent discount on replacement of lead pipe running from the main to their home, but not inside the home.  Property owners at lower income levels may be eligible for 80-100 percent replacement coverage.  More information is available at dcwater.com/lead-assist.

Letter Supporting Proposed Bill to Extend ANC’s “Great Weight” to Changes in Comprehensive Plan.  Commissioner Mladinov introduced, and the ANC approved, a letter to Councilmember Robert White that supports his proposed legislation amending ANC law to require executive agencies to give notice, provide a comment period, and give “great weight” to ANCs on proposed changes and updates to the Comprehensive Plan prior to its submission to Council.

Letter to DDOT on Proposed 2020 Terms and Conditions for Rental Bike and e-Scooter Providers.  Commissioner Mladinov introduced, and the ANC approved, a letter to Jeff Marootian, Director of the DC Department of Transportation requesting comment on terms and conditions for dockless bike and scooter programs in 2020.  It requests that DDOT slow down the process and provide more opportunity for public comment on how the programs work and problems associated with them including pedestrian safety, ignoring traffic laws, impeding public space with equipment not in use, and lack of insurance to cover operators or bystanders who may be injured in an accident.

Letter to Council Opposing B23-0318 Decriminalizing Institutions of Sex Trade.  Commissioner Mladinov introduced, and the ANC approved, a letter to Councilmember Charles Allen opposing the Community Safety and Health Amendment Act of 2019.  The bill proposes to decriminalize operating a brothel, acting as a pimp, and purchasing sex in DC.   Decriminalizing actions by sex trade operators and customers may leave sex workers even more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation at the hands of traffickers, pimps, and customers.

 Updates and Information

  • Commissioner Blumenthal announced that the Glover Park Alliance had been awarded a Main Street grant from the DC government and a search was underway for an executive director.
  • The former Pearson’s parking lot is being developed as a mixed-use building with retail on the bottom and 27 units on the second-fourth floors. All units will be workforce housing.
  • The Comprehensive Plan full amendments will be released on October 15th for public review.
  • The Rock Creek Far West Livability Study report was released on October 1st.

The next meeting of ANC3B will be Thursday, November 14.