October 2017 Meeting Report

Commissioners in attendance were Ann Mladinov (3B01), Melissa Lane (3B03), and Mary Young (3B04) which constituted a quorum. (Three of the five Commissioners make a quorum.) Acting for Chairman Blumenthal, Commissioner Melissa Lane called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Commissioner Lane made a motion to vote on agenda. The motion was seconded and the Commission voted 3-0 to approve the agenda.

Police Report.  Captain Michelle Williams of PSA 204 presented the police report.  Violent crime declined by 75 percent in the Glover Park/Cathedral Heights area over the past 30 days compared to 30 day period last year.  Property crime, however, has increased by 30 percent over the same time period primarily because of thefts from auto which rose from 8 to 16.   Captain Williams urged anyone who has an issue or problem to discuss to contact her at either michelle.williams@dc.gov or on 202 437 8012.

Discussion Regarding Liquor License Application for Trader Joe’s.  Perry Zettersten of Trader Joe’s and his counsel, Steven O’Brien, spoke about plans to open a Traders Joe’s in retail space on the first of the development at the former Holiday Inn site at 2101 Wisconsin Avenue.  They have applied for a class B liquor license which is for retail sales of beer and wine.  Neighbors living near the proposed store asked a number of questions about delivery schedules, pest control, trash removal, and liquor sales.  Mr. Zettersten and Mr. O’Brien responded that deliveries usually come twice a day and never earlier than 7 am.  Trucks will not be allowed to idle unless they are refrigerated trucks and are usually unloaded within an hour.  Pest control will likely be done on a weekly basis and trash receptacles are sealed.  Because Trader Joe’s usually has a food sharing program with local neighborhoods, there is typically very little food waste in the dumpsters.  Liquor service will be retail sales only and consumption will not be allowed in the store or at the outside tables, except possibly for occasional tastings in the store.  Proposed store hours are 8 am to 10 pm, which is standard for a Class B license.  ANC 3B is receiving comments on the Trader Joe’s proposal until November 2, when the Commission will vote on the matter.  Please submit them to info@anc3b.org.

Zoning Variance Application for Domino’s at 2330 Wisconsin Avenue (BZA Case No. 19600).  Zachary Williams, land use lawyer, and Susan Fulton, Marketing Director of Domino’s Team Washington, Robert Donner, Vice President for Operations and Richard Isen, the owner of Calvert Center, responded to questions about the proposed store at the Calvert Center.  A number of neighbors expressed concerns about potentially dangerous conditions regarding delivery drivers and the number of children living in close proximity to the store.   Ms. Fulton responded that drivers are heavily screened prior to being hired and are periodically re-screened while on the job.  Citizens were also concerned about the proposed delivery hours which would be from 11 am to 2 am Sunday through Thursday and to 3 am on Friday and Saturdays.  Other concerns included trash outside the store and pest control.  Mr. Williams said that they were working with Commissioner Blumenthal and to develop a binding legal agreement with the ANC to address many of these issues.   Commissioner Lane urged neighbors to share their specific concerns with Commissioner Blumenthal so that a comprehensive agreement could be developed which addressed all concerns and issues.   ANC 3B continues to receive public comments on Domino’s proposal.  Please submit them to info@anc3b.org.

Resolution Regarding Pedestrian/Vehicle Safety at W Place, Fulton Street and Davis Place.  Three resolutions related to pedestrian/vehicle safety were presented.  Commissioner Lane described dangerous conditions at two intersections.   At W Place and Wisconsin Avenue, because of traffic congestion southbound during the morning rush which results in vehicles blocking the intersection or running the traffic signal, crossing the street at the traffic signal has become treacherous.  A number of people, including a number of mothers trying to cross with small children in order to get to schools, have expressed concerns to the ANC about this intersection.   At Davis Place and Tunlaw Road as well, pedestrians face dangerous conditions trying to cross at this non-signalized crosswalk partially because southbound traffic approaches up a blind hill.  Commissioner Mladinov described the hazardous conditions for people trying to cross Wisconsin Avenue at Fulton Street, also a non-signalized crosswalk.  Three resolutions were presented asking DDOT to address the problems at these intersections and offered a number of suggestions to resolve the issues including changing signal timing, removing parking spaces either to relieve congestion or to improve visibility, and lighting non-signalized crosswalks.   A motion was made to approve the three resolutions.   It was duly seconded and the resolutions passed unanimously.

Open Forum.  Milton Grossman from Friends of Guy Mason said that an announcement had been put on the Glover Park listserv about the FoGM’s plans to install adult exercise equipment on the grounds of that recreation center.  A plan has been developed and they are now soliciting public comment.

Matt Wexler, principal and managing partner of Foxhall Partners which owns the Kimpton Glover Park Hotel at 2505 Wisconsin Avenue, reiterated his concern about Domino’s potentially moving into Glover Park.  He thinks their business model is not a good fit for the neighborhood and plans to protest their requested zoning variance.

The next meeting of ANC3B will be Thursday, November 2nd. The agenda will be posted at anc3b.org at least a week before and will be circulated via list servs.