November 2015 Meeting Report

The following is a summary of ANC3B’s November meeting. The official meeting minutes are posted on the website under DOCUMENTS/MINUTES after being approved at the December 10 meeting.

Be Smart About Package Delivery
The ANC’s November meeting began with MPD Lt. Neal encouraging residents to plan ahead for receiving packages by mail this holiday season. Package thieves are still plaguing District neighborhoods. Lt. Neal said that many delivery companies are no longer leaving packages if no one is home, but rather taking them back to a central office where recipients must come to get them. Alternatively, people can make arrangements with a neighbor or designate a less-visible spot for packages to be left and then inform delivery companies where to leave packages. Smart thinking will prevent theft of packages during the upcoming gifting season. People should also be aware that misdelivered packages are often posted on the Glover Park listserv. If you haven’t joined the listserv yet, you can do so through

ANC Weighs In on Four Issues
The purpose of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions is to convey to District agencies the opinions of residents in the ANC’s jurisdiction on specific issues. When an agency proposes an action, the ANC has the opportunity to “weigh in” on the proposal and each agency is required by law to take the ANC’s view into consideration. Agencies do not have to follow the ANC’s recommendation, but they are supposed to explain why not if they don’t. At our November meeting, the ANC passed four resolutions regarding pending issues of concern to the residents of Glover Park and Cathedral Heights.

We are proposing that the Glover Park Liquor License Moratorium be renewed for 5 more years and be amended to allow issuing of new restaurant licenses. Until now, the number of restaurant licenses in Glover Park has been capped at 14, one of which has been available for the last 3 years. The ANC is also recommending that the moratorium on issuing new liquor licenses continue to apply to tavern, nightclub and full-service liquor store licenses. A hearing will be held in January and the ABC Board will decide on our proposal after that.

The ANC voted to amend its agreement on the operation of a liquor license at 2218 Wisconsin Avenue to allow the current occupant, Mad Fox Tap Room, to hold six special events each year with live entertainment and dancing. Mad Fox has agreed to contain the noise, provide a contact for reporting noise, and control its deliveries so as not to disturb nearby residents.

We urged the District’s Department of Human Services to find a location for an emergency overnight winter shelter for homeless men who frequent this side of Rock Creek Park now that St. Luke’s is no longer available. With hypothermia season fast approaching, we are concerned that getting people off the street on freezing nights will not happen if the only place they can go is Columbia Heights. There is a winter shelter for homeless women on Massachusetts Avenue near 36th Street, but right now homeless men have no place to go in the Ward 3 area.

ANC3B supported ANC3C on a public space issue at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Idaho Avenue, abutting the Cathedral Heights area of our ANC. We are opposing the request by Embassy Church for a permit to further encroach on public green space by increasing the size of its parking lot.

Updating Ongoing Issues
After a series of concessions by Exelon Corporation, and now that Mayor Bowser is on board with the deal, Exelon’s acquisition of Pepco is likely to go forward despite ongoing concerns about the effect on city policies encouraging District residents and businesses to develop renewable energy sources and protect against higher electric rates in the future. The DC Public Service Commission (PSC) will be taking written comments on the proposed settlement agreement through 5 pm on December 23, 2015 (updated from the original due date of December 18), by mail or by email to:

Representatives of DC Water clarified concerns about the green infrastructure projects being researched in Glover Park and Georgetown. The goal of these projects is to divert storm water from the sewer system to prevent sewage overflow into our rivers. However, no final locations for rain gardens or permeable pavement installations have been chosen yet and the community will get a chance to comment before any decisions are made.

By the time you read this, the bike route through Glover Park will likely be fully signed and striped. Bicyclists now will have a marked path extending from American University into Burleith along New Mexico Avenue, Tunlaw Avenue, and 37th Street. As a side benefit, 15 new parking spots were opened up near the Russian embassy. Some stretches of Tunlaw have designated bike lanes but through much of the neighborhood, bikes share the roadway with cars so if you are driving, please be aware of people riding bikes.