March 2020 Meeting Report


Commissioners in attendance were Ann Mladinov (3B01), Jackie Blumenthal (3B02), and Melissa Lane (3B03). Three commissioners constitute a quorum. The agenda was pared back considerably because of concerns about large public gatherings during the COVID-19 emergency, so the two speakers were postponed:  Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and also DMV Director Gabriel Robinson.

Resolution to Hold Virtual ANC 3B Meetings.  A resolution was made to temporarily waive ANC 3B by-laws requiring the Commission to hold public meetings, count quorum and vote in person, in the event that public gatherings such as ANC meetings cannot be held as usual for the next few months because of COVID-19 but the city would allow ANCs to have a public teleconference/“Virtual meeting.” The resolution passed unanimously.

Consideration of Wingo’s Application for a Game-of-Skill Endorsement on its Liquor License. Commissioner Blumenthal reported that Wingo’s has submitted an application for a game-of-skill endorsement to their liquor license in order to install the game, Dragon’s Ascent, in their store.  The DC Council has approved emergency legislation to allow establishments with liquor licenses to install this game of skill, which makes it possible for players who are very skilled to win cash. DC Office of Attorney General (OAG) has ruled that Dragon’s Ascent is a game of skill rather than a game of chance and therefore is not considered gambling.   Several 3B Commissioners were give a demonstration of the game earlier in the year and from the information provided did not find cause to expect adverse consequences for the community from installation of the game. For that reason, the Commission voted unanimously not to protest Wingo’s request for a game-of-skill endorsement.

Updates and Open Forum


  • WMATA held their public hearing on proposed bus changes on February 26th. The hearing was well attended by people from Glover Park and Cathedral Heights, many of whom made statements.   The public comment period closed on March 9th.  A final decision by WMATA is due in April.
  • Glover Park Main Street (GPMS) opened a new grant program aimed at supporting local façade improvements.   Proposals were due on March 16th.
  • The DDOT Ward 3 Open House at Stoddert Elementary School on March 14th has been postponed.
  • DC Water has scheduled to hold a Ward 3 Town Hall on April 28th.
  • Census 2020 forms have been mailed. Responses can be made by mail, smart phone or online.  All are encouraged to complete the Census.
  • Donise Jackson from DDOT has reported that new parking signs allowing parking in morning rush hour on the east side of Wisconsin Avenue in GP were being fabricated and should be installed soon.
  • Kate Gillespie from 2213 38th Street gave an update on the situation with the rear deck at 2211 38th Street NW. The BZA hearing on the case had been scheduled for March 4 but was postponed at the request of the applicants because they said they wanted to have 3 weeks to work with the abutting neighbors to resolve the objections to the application. The BZA approved the postponement on February 21 but no one has contacted the abutting neighbors during the intervening 3 weeks. The BZA hearing was rescheduled for April 1.  Commissioner Blumenthal made a motion to have ANC 3B submit a letter to BZA in support of the Gillespies’ concerns.  The motion was approved 3-0.


The next meeting of ANC3B is scheduled for Thursday, April 9. The Commission will provide information about plans for the meeting, including ways to participate if the meeting is held remotely such as via teleconference.