March 2019 Meeting Report

All Commissioners were in attendance: Ann Mladinov (3B01), Jackie Blumenthal (3B02), Melissa Lane (3B03), Mary Young (3B04) and Brian Turmail (3B05).


Police Report.  Lt. Ralph Neal gave the crime statistics for ANC3B in the 30-day period, February 11-March 14:  No violent crimes but 15 property crimes, up 1 from the same period last year (but down from 23 property crimes reported in the previous 30 days this year). The property crimes included 3 stolen vehicles, 4 thefts from autos and 8 general thefts. That category includes package thefts from people’s porches, but the crime report did not appear to show a series of package thefts that occurred in Glover Park in recent weeks, though one neighbor at GPCA’s meeting reported seeing a car trailing a package delivery truck and taking the packages from porches as soon as they were delivered.  Lt. Neal urged residents to report package thefts as well as any other crimes, regardless of how small, so MPD can be aware and assign more patrols.  Call 311 if a crime has occurred, 911 about a crime in progress, or text 50411 to alert a watch commander.


DDOT Status Update and Discussion of Service Requests in ANC 3B.  DDOT was represented by John Thomas, DDOT Chief Performance Officer, Donise Jackson, DDOT Office of Community Engagement and Ted Van Houten, DDOT Ward 3 Planner and Project Manager for the Rock Creek Far West Livability Study.  John Thomas said DDOT received about 150,000 service requests last year, including 14,000 in Ward 3. He said 311 cases took an average of 22 days to close.  But DDOT lists a case as “closed” when the staff has determined that service is needed; at that point, the service request is sent to an operations office to order the actual work. For sidewalk repairs, which have been the subject of repeated requests in ANC3B at Cathedral and Idaho Avenues (and 4000 Tunlaw), Mr. Thomas said it may take 3 years for DDOT to get to a requested repair.  Commissioner Blumenthal said a large part of neighbors’ frustration could be alleviated through better communication from DDOT.  Mr. Thomas agreed the 311 process needs improvement and he and top officials have been meeting weekly on reforms which are to be introduced this spring. DDOT is also introducing an on-line interactive map as part of the Mayor’s PaveDC program, allowing users to “pin” an address that needs repairs, so crews have an easier time finding the location. He also said that if multiple residents submit 311 requests for the same service, that might help get priority attention at DDOT. Although several requests are still open in 3B, Commissioner Young said that Donise Jackson had been instrumental in getting action on local service requests and called for special thanks to Donise for her efforts.


Ted Van Houten spoke about DDOT’s plans for its Rock Creek Far West Livability Study. The first of three community-wide public workshops were held in February where citizens had a chance to highlight local areas that present transportation safety concerns. The second open house/workshop for residents will be held at Stoddert Elementary School from 11 am-1 pm on May 18 where residents can talk about additional concerns and comment on the initial draft recommendations DDOT will issue at that event.  The third workshop will be in early September (location TBD) where DDOT will present revised recommendations for final comments. will be reviewed.  DDOT will also have a table at Glover Park Day on June 1 where citizens can give input. DDOT also has a website for residents to learn more and provide comments:


Letter to DDOT on Revised Draft Design Guidelines for 5G, “Small Cell Technology.”  Commissioner Mladinov introduced a follow-up letter to DDOT supporting some of the additions in DDOT’s revised draft but cautioning that several provisions on design, public review, and safety and health concerns still needed to be addressed.  The letter was approved.


Proposed Resolution on Wingo’s Request to Extend Weekend Hours to 3 am.  Commissioner Blumenthal introduced Mike Arthur, the owner of Wingo’s.   He has requested a change of hours to move closing time from 2 am to 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays to compete with other nearby businesses that stay open until 3 am. Commissioner Blumenthal talked with neighbors who wanted assurances about noise, smoking, illegal parking in the alley, and odors affecting nearby residents and Mr. Arthur detailed his committed to meeting those concerns.  The ANC voted to to adjust the hours in its Voluntary Agreement with Wingo’s.


Proposed Resolution on Liquor License Application at 2300 Wisconsin Avenue.  The owner of the property has applied for a liquor license at 2300 Wisconsin where Starbuck’s is closing on March 22.  There is not yet a new tenant, but the landlord hopes the license will attract prospective lessees.  If a new restaurant or café leases the space and wants to serve alcohol, the license will be transferred to the tenant and the ANC will negotiate any specific requirements with the tenant at that time.  Commissioner Blumenthal introduced the resolution and it was approved.


Letter of Support to DPR for Glover Park Day on Saturday, June 1.  Commissioner Lane introduced a letter to DPR supporting Glover Park Day which is in its 30th year.   The letter was approved.


Letter of Support to DPR for Shredding and Recycling Day at Guy Mason Recreation Center on April 27.  Commissioner Blumenthal presented a letter of support for a shredding and recycling event at Guy Mason sponsored by Lenore Rubino of Washington Fine Properties.  The letter was approved.


Updates and Information

  • Commissioner Blumenthal reported on the forum at UDC on Homelessness in Ward 3 on March 11 initiated by ANC3B and Councilmember Cheh. It provided a good overview of available services and encouraging reports on how the services are working, but many questions remain about how the area can assure that homeless individuals will get the housing, health care, support, and daytime activities they need. City officials, service organizations and ANCs will continue to explore the issues.
  • The 311 system will soon be accepting requests for repairs to DC schools and recreation centers.


The next meeting of ANC3B will be Thursday, April 11.