Local Artist Jarrett Ferrier Proposes New Mural for Glover Park

At the March ANC meeting, local artist Jarrett Ferrier, the man responsible for the “Welcome to Glover Park” signs at the north and south ends of Glover Park on Wisconsin Avenue, has proposed another mural project, this one for the concrete steps that connect W. Pl. and 37th St.   He is seeking funding from the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities for the mural, and seeks community input on the project.   In order to receive funding for the project, Mr. Ferrier must present his idea to the community and receive community input — so if you have any comments on this design, please let us know.  Mr. Ferrier’s goal is to transform this:

into this…


He describes the project as follows:  “I would like to honor our neighborhood’s namesake, Charles Carroll Glover (pronounced Gluv-er) with a trompe l’oeil (fool the eye) style painting of a bas relief sculpture (think of Lincoln on the face of the penny).  I envision additional vignettes displaying the different aspects of his positive influence to our city.  Images could include, but are not limited to, The National Zoo, Rock Creek Park and the National Cathedral.

While this “sculpture” would be the focus the remainder of the wall would have a faux stonewall treatment.  In addition I envision a 48 star flag of the United States (the number of states when Glover was alive), a decorative planter with colorful flowers and a climbing rose bush.  There will also be the addition of a child with his dog, to represent two other facets of our neighborhood, looking up at the low relief sculpture.  All of this work will be done in paint.

Beyond painting I would like to suggest new ironwork at the top of the steps to make them more inviting.  This element could be more contemporary in nature.

Lastly at the bottom of the steps I would request the removal of the guardrail and the inclusion of additional lighting.”