JP’s Plans Early May Debut

Paul Kadlick, speaking for the owners of JP’s, attended the April ANC 3B meeting and explained that the nude dancing establishment is expected to reopen in early May, starting with a series of “soft openings,” to make sure everything goes as planned, followed by a “grand opening.”  The ANC had asked the ABC Board to determine whether the new interior design, which features two stages, three table-top dance areas, and two cubicles for private dances, constituted a “substantial change” from the originally approved interior which had only one stage per floor.  The Board said they would take that up after JP’s opens.  After the establishment reopens, it when it will have to go through a renewal process that allows the community to comment or protest.  Kadlick explained that they intend to have 27 security cameras both inside and outside. Kadlick will return to the ANC to ask that we not protest their license renewal.  He also is seeking ANC support for a valet parking staging area in front of JP’s which will take up two parking spaces after 6 p.m.  JP’s has contracted to use the parking area in a building across the street. The ANC will ask neighboring businesses for their views, and will decide on a letter of support at the May 9 meeting.