January 2017 Meeting Report


Election of 2017 ANC 3B Officers. The line up of officers in 2017 will be Jackie Blumenthal, Chairman; Brian Turmail, Vice Chairman; Mary Young, Treasurer; Ann Mladinov, Secretary; and Melissa Lane, Communications & Web Site.

Approval of ANC 3B Public Meeting Dates for 2017. It was agreed that ANC 3B monthly meetings would be held on the second Thursday of each month (except for August when no meeting is held). If a meeting date has to be changed, it will be announced several weeks in advance.

Police Report. Lt. Ralph Neal reported that there were no violent crimes in Glover Park this month. In comparison, the same period a year ago saw 2 violent crimes. Property crimes, however, are up compared to the same month last year. The reason is an increase in thefts from auto.   Lt. Neal shared an e-mail that Commander Gresham, Second District, sent to the 2D listserv in which he reported that citywide, overall crime was down 5 percent in 2016 over 2015. The decline in violent crime was 10 percent and for property crimes, 4 percent.   In 2D, overall crime was down 5 percent in 2016.

Lt. Neal reported that a sector plan had been implemented within MPD. The goal is to bring additional management resources and accountability within the police districts. These resources will allow for faster dispatch, lower response times and overall improved community service. Operationally, a group of patrol service areas (PSAs) will be organized into sectors. In the Second District, PSA 204, which includes Glover Park, is now partnered with PSA 205 in Sector 2.

Presentation by the DC Office of Public-Private Partnerships (OP3). Seth Miller Gabriel, Director of the Office of Public-Private Partnerships, gave an overview of his office’s goals and responsibilities. OP3 is the newest agency of the DC government, having been established by Mayor Bowser in 2015.   Its charge is to “build collaborations between the private sector and District government to complete major infrastructure projects and other programs through long-term, performance-based procurements commonly referred to as public-private partnerships” (op3.dc.gov). The benefit of these partnerships to the DC government is that facilities will be built or renovated more efficiently and long-term maintenance will be included. For private partners, the main benefit is a long-term steady rate of return on their investments.

Contracts are for large projects (over $50 million) and can be for either new construction or renovation. Currently, 12 projects are underway. One is for renovation of the Daly Building (MPD headquarters), which has deteriorated so badly that the top floor cannot be used and the drinking water in the building cannot be consumed because of high lead levels. Another focuses on streetlight modernization. Specifically, converting current streetlights to energy efficient LED lights that give off less glare and can be more easily directed.


  • Clean Team Contract Awarded for Glover Park. Commissioner Blumenthal announced that as a result of CM Cheh’s efforts, a clean team has been dedicated to Glover Park. Changing Perceptions has been awarded a grant to clean up and maintain our commercial strip on Wisconsin Avenue and 37th They will begin work on January 17th and will be responsible for cleaning up trash and graffiti, clearing sidewalks of snow and ice, and maintaining tree boxes among other tasks.   They will be wearing orange vests. Commissioner Blumenthal asked people to thank them for their efforts when you see them working in the neighborhood.
  • ANC Omnibus Act of 2016. Commissioner Mladinov gave an update on the Act. It was passed by DC Council on December 20th but has not yet gotten to the Mayor.   Many ANCs including 3B asked that the legislation be changed to strengthen “great weight” provisions as well as the requirements for DC agency notice to ANCs.   The current legislation does not include such language.

The next meeting of ANC3B will be Thursday, February 9th. The agenda will be posted at anc3b.org at least a week before and will be circulated via list servs.