Guy Mason Playground Renovation to Begin in August 2014

Community outreach for the Guy Mason Playground Renovation wrapped up in early August 2014 with the “Pre-Construction Meeting” held at the recreation center.  Kadcon, the General Contractor, reviewed the logistical plan for keeping the playground area cordoned off for public safety and answered questions about material deliveries, construction timelines, etc.  Bradley Site Design, the Architectural Firm, reviewed the latest design for the new playground space.  The final design required some modification based on geotechnical testing and arborist reporting.  The latest design can be found here.
Construction is currently slated to begin on Thursday, August 14th and be completed in October 2014.  Typical work hours are 7am – 4pm.  Please note that access to the recreation center, basketball courts and dog park will not be disrupted during construction.
DPR and DGS will continue to keep the community updated through the construction process.  For additional information/clarification/questions, please contact DPR officials Carolina Trujillo at, or Brent Sisco at