Friends of Glover Park Seeks ANC Letter In Support of Modifications to Fences at Stoddert Field

At the June 14, 2012 meeting, ANC 3B meeting, Friends of Glover Park will be seeking a letter of support from ANC 3B with regard to proposed changes to the fencing surrounding the Stoddert baseball field. In a letter to ANC 3B, Friends of Glover Park Recreation described their proposed modifications:

“T]he scope of the project is to add 20 feet of fencing along the first base side. Currently the fencing stops at first base and overthrown balls often wind up in the street and across the street. This additional fencing will stop passed balls, increasing the safety for players (adult and children) who have to cross the street to retrieve the ball, fans watching the game, pedestrians on the sidewalk, and will make it more pleasant field to play on as players will no longer need to chase the ball.

Additionally, we would like to close off the 4-5 foot gap between the dugout fences and the back stop fences with small 2-3 foot sections angled so that foul tips will not get through to the dugout and the beyond to the fans. Currently, this open space is a potential hazard.

We will use the same 72” black chain link fencing. The additional fencing should look like the existing fencing albeit newer looking. The fencing and labor will be funded by Friends of Glover Park Recreation Center.”

Update:  ANC 3B voted to support this new fencing at the June 2012 meeting.