February 2020 Meeting Report

All Commissioners were in attendance: Ann Mladinov (3B01), Jackie Blumenthal (3B02), Melissa Lane (3B03), Mary Young (3B04) and Brian Turmail (3B05).


Police Report.  Lt. Ralph Neal presented the crime statistics for ANC3B between January 14 and February 12. There were 8 thefts from auto, 10 other thefts, and one robbery.  Captain Brian Bray spoke of the two arrests for assault that occurred in residences on Wisconsin Avenue.  Both were domestic situations and did not represent a danger to the general public.


Discussion of Proposed Changes to Metrobus Services Affecting Riders in ANC 3B Area.  Commissioner Mladinov described WMATA’s proposed changes to bus routes in Glover Park and Cathedral Heights and the disadvantages of the proposals compared to current services, including how they meet the Commission’s goals for residents as well as the city’s long-time commitments to quality Metrobus service. The Commissioners strongly urged everyone to submit comments to WMATA during the public comment period through 5 pm on March 2nd.    The Commission voted unanimously to send a letter asking WMATA to reject all the proposed changes to the D1, D2, 30S, 30N and 37 routes.  WMATA was asked to attend the meeting.  After first confirming, they later declined attending the 3B or any other community meetings about this topic.


Grant Request from Friends of Glover Park for Sports Equipment and Supplies.  Dean Hill, treasurer of Friends of Glover Park, presented a grant request for $982.01 for sports equipment for the Glover Park Community Center including basketballs, basketball nets and a double ball rack.   The grant was approved unanimously.


Resolution to Amend ANC 3B Settlement Agreement with Wingos at 2218 Wisconsin Avenue.  Wingos is asking to add an entertainment endorsement to its liquor license.  Commissioner Blumenthal presented a resolution supporting an amendment to the settlement agreement with Wingos to limit the endorsement to the Trivia Nights and Comedy Nights it is currently holding, not DJs or live music.  The resolution passed unanimously.


Letter to the Office of Planning on Proposed Amendments to the DC Comprehensive Plan.  Commissioner Mladinov presented a letter to the Office of Planning regarding the draft amendments to the Comp Plan.  The letter emphasized the importance of guiding planning in key areas including housing, transportation, schools, and development and zoning decisions in the District,  The letter recommended specific changes affecting the ANC area, and also urged OP to follow a much more transparent and thorough process for involving the public in future Comp Plan updates.  The letter was approved unanimously.


Updates and Information

  • Kate Gillespie who lives at 2213 38th Street spoke about a rear deck addition at the property next door to hers that was built without permits and without following all building codes. DCRA has inspected the deck and ordered it to be torn down but has not enforced the order and the owner of the property has applied to the Zoning Board for retroactive approval.  ANC 3B only supports zoning requests if they are supported by adjacent neighbors, so Commissioner Turmail explained that the ANC would not take action on the matter. He asked Rich Harrington, the Mayor’s Ward 3 representative, and Cole Wogoman from CM Cheh’s office to contact Ms. Gillespie to help her resolve the issue.
  • RoseMarie LaPeter from Good Guys spoke of the chronic rat problem in the alley and the whole area outside that building. The situation has become untenable because the rat infestation in the former Whole Foods building is not being addressed. Rich Harrington agreed to work with Commissioner Blumenthal to find a way to get action on the rat problem in that area.


The next meeting of ANC3B will be Thursday, March 12.