December 2016 Meeting Report

Police Report. Lt. Ralph Neal reported that violent crime was down for the month compared to the same month the previous year (from 5 to 2). Property crime, however, was up a bit (from 25 to 28) mostly because of thefts.   He also announced some personnel changes including the return of Captain Kelvin Cusick to the 2nd District.

Commissioner Turmail asked about the art gallery (“Joint Ventures”) that occupied the space above Tennis Zone. Lt. Neal said that several arrests had been made and large amounts of marijuana seized. The business is now closed.

Commissioner Mladinov asked about the status of feasibility studies for speed cameras on Cathedral Avenue and Tunlaw Road.  Lt. Neal said that a speed camera had been temporarily located on Cathedral Avenue and that DDOT would have to do a formal evaluation before a permanent camera could be installed.  Regarding Tunlaw Road, a temporary speed camera has not been installed yet because the Second District only has one device.

Resolution Regarding FY 2018 District Funding of Senior Initiatives. Commissioner Mladinov presented a draft letter to the Mayor and Office on Aging recommending increased funding for senior services in the next fiscal year to make up for funding cuts this year made to case management and transportation activities. The letter also asked that funding be increased for nutritional services and that a portion of the Mayor’s budget for affordable housing be targeted toward housing for seniors in need. A motion was introduced, duly seconded and passed unanimously.

Grant Request for Iona Senior Services. Diane Greenspun of Iona Senior Services presented a request for a grant for $1,189 to purchase an AED defibrillator for Iona’s Active Wellness program in Satterlee Hall at St. Alban’s Church. A motion was made to approve the grant. It was duly seconded and passed unanimously.

Settlement Agreement to End Protest of Mason Inn’s License Renewal. In November, ANC 3B voted to protest the renewal of Mason Inn’s liquor license because new owners had taken over and there was not adequate time to negotiate a new settlement agreement before the ABRA deadline. Since then, Commissioner Blumenthal reported that she had been able to come to agreement with the new owners. Specifically, the new owners have agreed to close the front windows after 9 pm on weeknights and after 10 pm on Friday and Saturday. Commissioner Blumenthal asked for a motion to approve the new agreement. It was presented, seconded and passed unanimously.

Approval of ANC 3B Official Letters Prepared Between Monthly Meetings. Chairman Blumenthal reported on two letters that have been recently sent to DC Council and signed by all five 3B commissioners.  The first included comments and recommendations on the ANC Omnibus Bill of 2016.  The second supported a series of tenant protection bills currently before Council.  Both these matters have been discussed publicly at ANC 3B meetings. Commissioner Blumenthal moved to formally approve these letters as official statements of the Commission.  Her motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Consideration of Amended ANC Omnibus Amendment Act (B21-0697).   Commissioner Mladinov reported that new amendments to the bill appeared to increase the administrative burden on ANCs but not strengthen requirements to notify ANCs of city actions in a timely manner or accord great weight ANC recommendations.  She presented a letter to be sent to Council from 3B outlining our continued concerns with the legislation. A motion was made to approve the letter. It was duly seconded and passed unanimously.


  • Meeting to Resolve Issues at the Guy Mason Recreations Center. Commissioner Blumenthal reported that a meeting was held on November 29th that included DPR staff, DGS staff, a representative from CM Cheh’s office as well as community representatives from the Friends of Guy Mason, ANC 3B, GPCA, Glover Park Village and the Guy Mason Pottery Program. A number of issues were discussed including Sunday access to the center, hours of operation and availability of toilet facilities outside the Center when it is closed.   No specific agreements were reached but further meetings are planned. Representatives of Friends of Guy Mason in concert with Guy Mason staff will take the lead on future meetings.
  • Universal Paid Leave Act. Commissioner Mladinov reported that the Council approved the bill to create a paid leave program covering people working for private employers in D.C.
  • Tenant Protection Legislation. Commissioner Young reported the Council passed four tenant protection bills including the Elderly Tenant and Tenant with Disability Protection Amendment Act.  To pass, supporters agreed to drop the provision prohibiting inequitable voluntary/settlement agreements between landlords and tenants.
  • Fillmore Arts Program. Commissioner Turmail reported that the Mayor has agreed to extend funding for the Fillmore arts program for one more year. Two of the five schools that have been using the program for several years will be getting their own arts instruction space so next year the program will serve three schools including Stoddert Elementary.

The next meeting of ANC3B will be Thursday, January 12th. The agenda will be posted at at least a week before and will be circulated via list servs.