DDOT Commits to Redesign of 37th and Tunlaw Intersection as Part of Wisconsin Avenue Streetscape Project

The failure of the initial Wisconsin Avenue Streetscape project to include a re-design of the dangerous intersection of 37th and Tunlaw Sts. has raised significant concerns in the community. On June 13, 2012, after receiving much community input seeking changes at this intersection, Thomas Smith, Ward 3 Liason for Mayor Gray, announced that key changes would be made at this intersection.   The Georgetown Current reported on this announcement.  Mr. Smith wrote to the community that:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) plans to re-design the 37th Street and Tunlaw Road intersection beginning on or about June 15, 2012. The intersection was identified as a safety concern – due to poor geometry – in the Glover Park Transportation Study.

Traffic counts have been taken as part of DDOT’s commitment to monitor traffic volumes through Glover Park. The most recent traffic counts in the area were completed in April 2012, just as the Glover Park streetscape project was getting underway on Wisconsin Avenue.

DDOT Director Bellamy’s office furnished me with a wonderful sheet tonight, which includes maps and tables of various traffic counts taken including the ones from April. It will be available and distributed tomorrow night at the ANC meeting. I am unable to post it here due to its graphic design.

The document also says, “DDOT understands the concerns of Glover Park residents who are worried Wisconsin Avenue traffic will use adjacent collector and local streets. During the construction restriction on Wisconsin Avenue in April 2012, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., an estimated 2,840 additional vehicles diverted to 37th Street to avoid the work zone delays. That would account for most of the 3,550 increase in volume through the 37th Street/Tunlaw Road intersection (Count A compared to Count E). DDOT anticipates volumes will return to near pre-construction levels upon completion of the Wisconsin Avenue project and 37th Street/Tunlaw Road intersection work. DDOT will continue to monitor traffic volumes in Glover Park. The next round of traffic counts are anticipated following the completion of the Wisconsin Avenue project in the fall of 2012.”

For more information please contact:
paul.hoffman@dc.gov Paul Hoffman – DDOT