DDOT Commits to Improvements at Key Glover Park Intersections as Part of Wisconsin Ave. Streetscape Project

At meetings and in other forums, there have been many community members speaking up to ask that DDOT address other intersections and streets besides those directly on Wisconsin Ave. This advocacy has been successful.

In recent weeks, DDOT has told ANC 3B that as part of the Wisconsin Ave. streetscape project they will make requested improvements at a number of Glover Park intersections:

1. They will be reconfiguring the problematic intersection at 37th and Tunlaw. You may have already seen surveyors out there already; planning has begun, with the actual work expected to take place in the fall.
2. They will be installing a new crosswalk across the intersection of Benton St. and Tunlaw Rd. This work will begin on July 16 – the week after next. In addition, they will be adding new signs at this intersection, and adding pylons on Tunlaw Rd. just south of Benton to ensure that buses have appropriate turning space and to improve the pedestrian environment. (note that the installation of these pylons will cause the loss of two parking spaces on Tunlaw Rd.).
3. They will be installing new crosswalks across Tunlaw Rd. and W Pl. where those two roads meet. Tunlaw will also have a new stop sign at the intersection of Tunlaw and W Pl., and there will be new signage and pavement markings put in to make this a three-way stop and protect pedestrians. This work is also expected to begin in late summer/early fall..
4. Finally, further north, DDOT will be installing a new crosswalk at the intersection of Fulton St. and Bellevue Terrace, with work expected to take place the week of July 16.

Thanks to all the community members who advocated for these changes. These are good and important steps, and ANC 3B is appreciative of DDOTs efforts to make them happen. There are other problematic intersections that have still not been addressed. We will continue to advocate for these improvements, and hope you will do the same.

The Wisconsin Ave. project as a whole is moving along on schedule and is now over halfway complete, with all work expected to be finished by the end of September.

The DDOT contacts for this project are Alberta Paul (alberta.paul@dc.gov), Paul Hoffman (paul.hoffman@dc.gov), and Shana Vierra info@wisconsinavenueproject.com).

For more information on this project, please click here or here.