April 2021 Meeting Report


Police Report. Lt Paul Johnson, MPD 2nd District, reported there were 6 property crimes and no violent crimes in ANC 3B during the previous 30-day period. One vehicle was stolen near 4000 Massachusetts Avenue; the other crimes were thefts. When asked about the stop sign camera at 37th and Whitehaven, he said it had been activated sometime in March and would find out more details about who and why it was activated.


Briefing by Gabriel Robinson, Director, DC Department of Motor Vehicles, presenting DMV programs and services.  Mr. Robinson reported that as a result of the pandemic, DMV accelerated the pace of improvements that they were planning. For example, many services are now available online including tag services, registration and license renewal.  For services that still require an in person visit, an appointment system is now in place.  Additionally, their app, DCDMV, is now available on Google and Apple and the available services have been enhanced.  There is still a back-up for scheduling in-person knowledge testing, but DMV is allowing testing at two private “proctoring sites” and is working on a way to administer knowledge tests online. For road tests, a new service center has been opened at 1421 Kenilworth Avenue in Deanwood.  While parallel parking has not been included in the road test during the pandemic, it will be reinstated in May.  Although you can still drive with an expired car inspection and registration under the Mayor’s emergency order, it is a good time to get an inspection done because there are currently no lines at the inspection stations.


Presentation by Dr. Ashesh D. Patel representing DC Department of Health to address family concerns about guidance on DCPS schools re-opening.  An hour before the meeting, the DC Department of Health cancelled their appearance at the ANC 3B meeting.


Update from Kate Dean, Executive Director, Glover Park Main Street (GPMS).  Kate reported on GPMS activities to support businesses in the Glover Park commercial area through the COVID-19 emergency as well as plans for the second year of operation.  The first year of operations was targeted at supporting GP businesses during the pandemic.  Much of the GPMS budget was reallocated for technical and operational support grants to the businesses but now the focus is shifting back to improving the look and feel of the corridor.  Plans for the second year include streetscape improvements such as banners on streetlight poles and improvements to the northern gateway around Calvert Street and Wisconsin Avenue.  The goal of the banners is to create a “Glover Park identity” and a sense of place.  A total of 20 banners are planned, each 60” long by 18” wide, to be installed at the northern and southern parts of the corridor.  A DDOT permit is required so GPMS will be asking ANC 3B for their sign off prior to applying for the permit.

Other issues addressed included the fire at the Calvert Center the Glover Park streateries and outdoor spaces.  The fire started in a storage closet in Domino’s and caused a lot of smoke damage.  Domino’s is currently in an insurance dispute so it is not clear when they will re-open.  Laliguras sustained a lot of smoke damage to their main dining room.  They will try to open the bar portion soon but the schedule for the dining room is not known.  The Post Office also sustained smoke damage, but it was minimal, and they will reopen soon.   Kate also reported on “streateries” on Wisconsin, which are open at Rocklands and All About Burger and a new one is planned to run from Slate to Eerkins.  Kate commended Breadsoda, Point Chaud and the Glover Park Grill for their outdoor spaces.  Finally, Kate gave a shoutout to Kindercare who now have 25 full-time staff working in their new location at Calvert and Wisconsin as they work toward opeining soon.


Updates and Information

Kate Gillespie described the DC Public School proposed plan that was released on March 29th.  The proposal includes splitting Glover Park between two schools either by grade or by geographic location.  Half of Glover Park public school children would attend Stoddert and the other half would attend a new elementary school planned for construction on the Old Hardy School property and surrounding DPR land on Foxhall Road.  The plan also includes construction of a new middle or high school on the former Georgetown Day School property on MacArthur Boulevard.  These plans and recommendations were developed by a DCPS community working group in which ANC 3B was not invited to participate.  Public comment is due by May 20th.   ANC 3B has invited representatives from DCPS, the Stoddert PTO and other stakeholders to the May 13th ANC meeting to provide additional information and clarification to the community.

Next meeting: Thursday, May 13