ANC 3B September Meeting Summary

ANC 3B had an action-packed September meeting. We heard from Jarrett Ferrier, who will soon – once the new sidewalks are installed and the stairs are repaired – be able to begin his mural depicting the life of our neighborhood namesake. Charles Carroll Glover, at the bottom of the stairs connecting 37th St. to W Place.

We also got a preview of an upcoming zoning request. Frank and Dina Economides have recently purchased the property at 3405 37th St. NW (behind the Z-Burger). This property now has a single family home and a vacant lot next to it; the Economides’ plan to build three new single-family townhouses. They will be back at a future ANC meeting to seek the zoning exemptions they need to begin this project.

We also weighed in on the ongoing rewrite of the zoning code by the Office of Planning and the DC Zoning Commission. ANC 3B unanimously passed a resolution calling for the new code to have improved protections for trees and ensure that DC’s Urban Forestry experts are able to review developers’ plans to protect or remove trees.   At a September 8 public hearing of the Zoning Commission, Brian Cohen spoke on behalf of ANC 3B in support of the broader zoning rewrite and its provisions to reduce mandatory parking minimums, and make it easier to establish corner stores and accessory dwelling units in row-house neighborhoods like Glover Park.

Parking for Stoddert elementary continues to be a concern. Success brings its own problems – with a record number of students attending the school after its 2010 renovation, trailers needed to accommodate these young scholars were installed in the parking lot, leaving teachers with no place to park. The school is asking all parents and residents that have an extra visitor parking pass to donate it to the school and “adopt a teacher” who can use it to park during school hours. If you have a pass to donate, please contact the Stoddert PTA at If the school doesn’t receive enough passes, DDOT has proposed removing resident-only parking restrictions during day time hours only in the blocks next to Stoddert. Before any changes in RPP happen, residents will be consulted.

Finally, we have our full slate of Commissioner-candidates for the November elections. We have two contested races: Joe Fiorillo ( ) and Ann Mladinov ( will be running against each other to represent ANC 3B-01 (North Glover Park) and Brian Turmail ( and JP Montalvan ( will be running against each other to represent ANC 3B-05 (South Glover Park); There are three races with only one candidate: Jackie Blumenthal ( will be running to represent ANC 3B-02 (East Glover Park); Abigail Zenner ( will be running to represent ANC 3B-03 (West Glover Park), and Mary Young ( )will be running to represent ANC 3B-04 (Cathedral Heights). Learn about the candidates and the issues so you can make an informed choice in November!