ANC 3B Seeks Input on Potential Bus Stop Changes

In response to repeated concerns about buses idling near the entrance to Stoddert Elementary during drop-off time and creating safety risks for young children walking to school, DDOT and WMATA have presented two proposed solutions to move idling buses.  They have also indicated a desire to abolish two stops that are in close proximity to other stops.
ANC 3B will be considering these proposals at the May 9, 2013 ANC 3B meeting, and we seek community input on the DDOT/WMATA proposals.  The proposals are below; please feel free to comment via email at


Primary Issue:  Idling Near Stoddert Elementary School

Metrobuses are idling near Stoddard Elementary School due to the lack of a designated layover space in the vicinity.  Consequently, bus operators are establishing ad-hoc places to layover, including near the school grounds.   To that end, WMATA and DDOT offer two potential solutions to address this issue.

Potential Solution (s) for Primary Issue:

Option # 1:  Create a “time-restricted” layover zone for buses on the 2500 block of 41st Street NW.   This layover zone could be an extension of the existing bus zone by the current bus stop at the corner of 41st Street and Davis Place NW.

Potential Impact (for Option # 1): The loss of three (3) residential parking spaces during operational hours of the D1 route only, which are 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Monday thru Friday.

Option # 2:  Establish a layover space on Tunlaw Road NW adjacent to the Russian Embassy.

If this option is preferred, DDOT will allow buses to layover in the morning in an unused area on Tunlaw Road on a trial basis and notify the Russian Embassy about WMATA’s layover plan.   If nearby residents do not voice any concerns during this trial period, then this layover option will be extended for an indefinite period.

Potential Impact (for # 2): None. There is no parking allowed on the curb space adjacent to the entrance of the Russian Embassy.   The immediate neighborhood near Stoddard Elementary School will not be impacted by the loss of residential parking spaces.


Item 2: Abolishing two Metrobus Stops

During a site visit, WMATA and DDOT staff suggested that two stops needed to be abolished for different reasons.

1.       The first proposed eliminated bus stop is at the corner of 41st and Calvert Street NW.   This stop is in close proximity to another bus stop on the same block – further east on Calvert Street – and the length of the “no parking zone” prevents the bus from stopping up against the curb.

2.       The second proposed eliminated bus stop is on 39th Street NW south of Davis Place NW is in close proximity to another active WMATA bus stop on 39th Street before Calvert Street NW.

  • Note:  The second bus stop on 39th and Calvert Street (with a bus shelter) will be retained.

Potential Impact of Abolishing Stop # 1: A few more residential parking spaces on Calvert Street NW.   Passengers would have to walk to the next stop – which is less than 1 block.

Potential Impact of Abolishing Stop # 2:  Minimal.  The next bus stop on 39th Street before Calvert Street is within walking distance.