ANC 3B Protests Mason Inn Roof Deck

ANC members voted 5-0 on January 10 to oppose Mason Inn’s application to serve alcohol on an outside roof deck. We chose to support the majority of homeowners who live within earshot of the Mason Inn who opposed the roof deck, even as we acknowledged the support for Mason Inn from elsewhere in the neighborhood where potential noise and other disruptions are unlikely to be felt.  Our correspondence with DC’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) revealed that the Mason Inn had an excessive number of ABRA investigations over the last several years – almost twice as many as any other bar or restaurant in our community.  ABRA identified 23 investigations of the Mason Inn since 2008, including three cases concerning alleged violations of its Voluntary Agreement, six cases about assault with a deadly weapon or felony assault allegations, four cases in which a patron had to be taken to the hospital, and four fines paid to ABRA by the Mason Inn owners totaling $12,750.  This investigative history gives us no confidence that the Mason Inn will be able to manage a roof deck with 38-48 people on it in a way that prevents noise from disrupting nearby residents inside their homes.  It is our belief that Mason Inn’s long record of disturbing the peace, order and quiet of the neighborhood disqualifies it for the privilege of taking its business outside into the public space.  The full text of the resolution that was sent to the ABC Board can be found at