ANC 3B October 2014 Meeting Summary

Retaining our Neighborhood Character Amid Rapid Development: Glover Park is no U Street, but it’s still impossible to miss the changes in our little neighborhood – the new developments on Wisconsin Ave., and the teardowns and renovations of older apartments west of the Avenue. These changes can improve our neighborhood, but they can also bring negatives. At the October meeting, ANC received a briefing from Office of Planning representatives on the tools available to help us retain our neighborhood character and address the potential negatives of all this new development. We received good news and bad news – zoning regulations establish strict limits on building heights and lot usage, but they don’t dictate the form of buildings and can’t ensure that new buildings fit the neighborhood character and retain affordable housing. Office of Planning officials promised to work with ANC 3B and to ensure that potential developers consult with the neighborhood when they consider projects.

Other ANC Business:   ANC 3B had a few other bits and pieces to attend to at our October 23rd meeting. We gave a grant to Friends of Fillmore to pay for iPads for use in their art program; we passed a resolution for DDOT to get rid of an old curb cut on W. Pl. (restoring at least one parking place to the neighborhood), we passed a resolution to allow left turns during rush-hour onto Calvert St. from southbound Wisconsin Ave., and we approved our annual budget (promising to use most of our taxpayer-provided funds on grants for community organizations). We strive to be transparent, and you can review our budget and see all these resolutions on our website.

MoveDC Long-Term Transportation Plan Released. On October 20, DDOT released the final MoveDC action plan, the agency’s city-wide long-term transportation plan. The plan contains several items of interest to Glover Park and Cathedral Heights – a potential new high frequency east-west bus service connecting Glover Park, Woodley Park, and Columbia Heights, improved high-capacity bus lines along Wisconsin Ave, new bicycle trails and infrastructure in Glover Park, and a bit further south, proposed new metro stations in Georgetown. The full plan can be seen at We hope to have DDOT representatives at our November ANC meeting to discuss this plan and what it means for our community.

Guy Mason Renovation Update.   Work continues on the Guy Mason playground, and in October DPR officials informed us that construction is expected to be “substantially complete” by December 19, 2014. Good times await for the dozens and dozens of families and young children that use this playground. More information on the project can be seen here.