ANC 3B February Meeting Report

Wisconsin Avenue Changes Coming Soon

The ANC passed a resolution at its February meeting (held a few days late due to snow) as a near-final step towards restoring Wisconsin Avenue back to its previous lane configuration – with important fixes to protect pedestrian safety. The change back is scheduled to occur this spring and will include allowing two-way traffic on the block of 35th Street between Wisconsin and Whitehaven, with a signal installed at that intersection.

The pedestrian safety resolution called on DDOT and MPD to install speed cameras in two locations:  one north of Calvert as cars head down the hill into Glover Park and the other near Holy Rood cemetery as vehicles head down the hill towards Burleith and Georgetown.  Working in partnership with ANC3C (east side of Wisconsin Avenue north of Calvert), we also support a proposal to deal with the dangerous pedestrian crossing at Fulton Street.  While we could not get a traffic light at this intersection – due to opposition from ANC 3C and DDOT (because there are signals at both Edmonds and Garfield streets) – our compromise position calls for 1) request that the Fulton Street bus stop be moved one block to the north to the signalized intersection at Garfield Street, reducing the need for pedestrians to cross at Fulton; and 2) installing additional safety measures – such as HAWK signals – at the Fulton St. intersection.  With bus stops at Calvert, Edmonds, Garfield and just north of Massachusetts, riders will only have two blocks between stops.  We have also recommended lifting the rush hour left turn restriction from outbound Massachusetts onto Observatory Circle because it forces anyone trying to get to Glover Park to turn left onto residential 36th street and cut through Mass. Ave. Heights.

The ANC also approved a resolution calling on DDOT and MPD to do something about dangerous traffic on 42nd street, which speeds and ignores the stop sign at Beecher Street.  We hope that some combination of a speed camera and/or stop sign camera will alert drivers to the need for care in this residential area of Glover Park.

We also approved an agreement between ANC3B and Good Guys to settle our protest of the establishment’s application to renew its liquor license.  The settlement agreement amends the agreement currently in place and prohibits Good Guys from seeking to offer nude performances in private spaces unless JP’s gets permission to do so or the District changes the law about maintaining a 3-foot distance between dancers and patrons.  This provision will be in place no matter who owns Good Guys. It also includes agreement to encourage performers to enter and exit at the back of the building and to place a security camera outside the front entrance.

The renovation of Guy Mason playground is moving forward with a lot of participation from the community.  At a public meeting in February, residents commented on what they liked and didn’t like about three proposed designs. Those comments will be worked into a single design which residents can comment on at the third public meeting in March. This has been a very cooperative and productive process and we expect great results when the playground is finished.  Work will begin after June 7, when Glover Park Day will celebrate its 25th anniversary, and last for about 4 months.

The ANC will meet next on March 13 at 7 p.m. at Stoddert Elementary.  The meeting will feature officials from DC Water to discuss their Green Infrastructure Proposal, which would attempt to control sewer overflows into Rock Creek and the Potomac by building $30 million worth of green infrastructure in Glover Park, Georgetown, and neighboring communities.