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Thursday, January 11, 2001

A regular, monthly, public meeting of ANC3B was called to order at 7:40 p.m. on Thursday, January 11, 2001 at Guy Mason Recreation Center. Commissioners present and constituting a quorum were: Monica Mizerek (02), Chair; Ann Lloyd Breeden (03); Toni A. Ritzenberg (04); and James C. Lively (05). The (01) seat remained vacant.

Police Report

No representative of the Metropolitan Police Department was present to give the monthly report.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the December 14, 2000 meeting were approved with the agreement that they be revised to include mention of the discussion of the planned response to the September 29, 2000 report of the Auditor. (4-0-0)

Monthly Expense Report

The expense report for December 2000 was approved as printed and distributed. (4-0-0)

Quarterly Expense Report

The expense report for the first quarter of FY01 (October through December) was approved as printed and distributed. (4-0-0)

2001 Meeting Calendar

The meeting calendar for calendar year 2001 was approved as printed and distributed. (4-0-0)

Old Business

42nd Street Parking

Commissioner Breeden reported that there had been no response from DPW or DMV about the parking tickets wrongly issued on 42nd Street in April 2000, despite promises made by the DMV director to reporter Charlie Bermpohl of the Northwest Current. She noted that Ward 3 Councilmember Kathy Patterson had also contacted both the DPW and DMV director subsequent to the publication of the Current story.

ANC Administrator Christopher Lively reported on his January 4 tour of the neighborhood with DPW parking services staff member Larry Brown, who had confirmed that enforcement in the new RPP areas on 42nd Street, Davis Place, and 41st Street would begin on January 16 as promised. Mr. Brown had also noted that the "no parking" sign placed by DPW too far from the intersection of 42nd Street and Davis Place would be moved to allow for more parking there, but that the adjustment might not be made until the end of February. In the interim, DPW would enforce the no parking designation there.

Tom Cain, a resident of the block of Beecher Street that intersects with 42nd Street, expressed his interest in having his block designated for Residential Permit Parking and asked about the process. Commissioner Breeden and 42nd Street resident Tania Williams explained the petition process and also mentioned that the ANC had approached the manager of the Beecher Street properties, part of the Park Crest complex operated by Bernstein Management Corporation, about the possibility of designating the area for RPP. Mr. Cain reported that he had spoken with the manager, who would be supportive of the petition, which he felt would succeed without problem.

ANC3B(01) Opening

Commissioner Ritzenberg described the boundaries of the northern Glover Park single member district and the process for filling the seat. She urged those present to contact any resident of the district who might be interested in holding the seat.

New Business

Election of Officers

After discussion, it was agreed that the election of officers for the 2001 term would be deferred until the February meeting, with hopes that the (01) seat would be filled at that time. In the interim, it was agreed that Commissioners would retain the offices to which they were elected in 2000, with Monica Mizerek as Chair; Ann Lloyd Breeden as Vice Chair; and Toni Ritzenberg as Secretary. Commissioner Lively was elected to fill the position of Treasurer, vacated by Commissioner Procida’s resignation from the Commission, until the February meeting. It was agreed that the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary would remain the only signatories for checks for the time being.

ANC3B Office Space

The Commission approved the following resolution by a vote of 4-0-0:

Resolution Pertaining to Securing Appropriate Office Space for ANC3B

Whereas, the Comprehensive Advisory Neighborhood Commissions Reform Amendment Act of 2000, which became D.C. Law 13-135 on June 27, 2000, provides that "Upon the request of a Commission, evidenced by a properly adopted resolution signed or transmitted by the Chairperson or Secretary, the Mayor shall provide that Commission with suitable office space in a District owned or leased building"; and

Whereas, ANC3B currently has no usable secure office space within its commission area, but only a file storage space within the Boys & Girls Club located at 3265 S Street, NW, in Ward 2;

Therefore Be it Resolved, That ANC3B formally requests that the Mayor provide the Commission with suitable office space in a District-owned or leased building within its Commission area; and

Be it Further Resolved, That ANC3B anticipates, in accordance with D.C. Law 13-135, hearing from the Mayor within 15 days of his receipt of this resolution confirmation that the request is under consideration, and to receiving within 45 days thereafter a list of available office space in Ward 3 if not specifically within the Commission boundaries.

ANC3B Spending Plan for FY01

After discussion, a spending plan for FY01 was approved. (4-0-0)

Georgetown Flea Market

The Commission voted (4-0-0) to forward to the Board of Zoning Adjustment the following notice:

At the ANC3B regularly scheduled meeting held on January 11, 2001, the four ANC Commissioners present and constituting a quorum voted to reiterate their support for the resolution previously passed in support of the Georgetown Flea Market continuing to operate in the public school parking lot at 34th Street and Wisconsin Avenue, NW.

Arts and Humanities Grant

Commissioner Lively described an opportunity for Glover Park to submit a proposal for funding to commission an artist to create a sculpture or mural to be installed in a public place to enhance aesthetics and promote the arts in the neighborhood. Possible locations for a mural were suggested, including, the Tunlaw Road wall of the Russian embassy; the exterior wall of the building housing Old Europe restaurant on Wisconsin Avenue; the city-owned wall at the end of W Place east of 37th Street; and the exterior wall of the building housing Pro Video on Wisconsin Avenue. Suggestions of spaces in which a sculpture might be installed included Guy Mason Recreation Center and the plaza of the complex on Wisconsin Avenue housing Theodore’s furniture store. It was suggested that if the neighborhood received the grant, some effort might be made to link it to a call box preservation project for which funding was also available.

ANC3B agreed (4-0-0) to submit by the deadline of January 19 a proposal to the Arts and Humanities Commission seeking the grant money for creation of a mural or sculpture within the ANC3B area. It was agreed that the proposal should carry the support of the Glover Park Citizens Association if possible.

ABC License Renewal Applications

The Commission announced that the following businesses had applied for renewal of their liquor licenses: Saveur restaurant, Grog and Tankard tavern, JP’s nightclub, and Good Guys nightclub. Attorney Milton Grossman offered to review with Good Guys the terms of its voluntary agreement with the ANC and to ascertain if Good Guys would consent to extending the agreement through the period for which a renewed license would be valid. The Commission agreed to hold a more thorough discussion of the renewal applications at the February meeting, since notice of the applications reached the Commission too late to give public notice prior to the January meeting. Edna Johnston recommended that, in preparation for the February discussion, the Commission seek from the Commander of MPD’s 2nd District statistics on calls and cases emanating from the two nightclubs.

Commissioner Mizerek raised a concern that the lifting of the moratorium on clubs featuring nude dancing, as provided in the legislation recently adopted by City Council, was a slippery slope. She recommended that the Commission also return to that issue in February. It was agreed that the Commission would make every effort to solicit resident opinion on the matter, placing announcements in the Gazette and on the ANC list-serve and webpage.

Commission Breeden opined that, if statistics clearly document a higher demand on MPD resources as a result of the presence in the city of nightclubs featuring nude dancing, the Commission ought to urge the establishment of some means to secure from those establishments funds to offset their drain on the public purse, especially since in the case of the two Glover Park establishments so many patrons come from Virginia and Maryland and do not pay into that public purse.

Parks and Recreation Personnel Changes

Commissioner Ritzenberg introduced Bob Halderman (spelling?), the new director of Guy Mason Recreation Center. The Commission agreed to send a letter to former director Vincent Cain, now assigned to the Palisades center, thanking him for his outstanding work at Guy Mason.

FY02 Budget for the Government of the District of Columbia

Commissioner Breeden outlined briefly the recommendations that ANC3B might make to the Mayor concerning appropriations for city agencies in FY02. With additional suggestions, the resulting list comprised the following: funds to allow MPD to hire additional civilian personnel, as recommended by Commander Newsham; funds to allow DPW’s solid waste division to hire additional inspectors and resume twice-a-week trash collection throughout Glover Park to combat the rat problem; funds to allow the Department of Transportation to rebuild the staff of its sign shop and to hire additional engineers, parking enforcement personnel, and staff in the tree division; funds to allow the Fire Department to return the "fifth man" to each truck; funds to allow the Public Schools to maintain buildings and grounds in a more suitable manner; funds to allow DCRA to hire additional competent construction inspectors to address rampant permitting violations, as well as funds to hire additional personnel in the historic preservation division. It was agreed that the Commission would vote formally on its recommendations at the February meeting.

Discussion of FY01 Allotment for Fire Department

The Commission voted to send a letter to the Mayor supporting the resolution adopted by ANC3G arguing the imperative of returning the "fifth man" to fire trucks (4-0-0). Commissioner Mizerek expressed alarm with Fire Chief Few’s decision to remove that fifth person in order to address a budget shortfall, suggesting that funds should have been taken from elsewhere. Agreeing that the subject warranted further discussion, the Commission agreed unanimously to invite both Chief Few and a representative of the union to which firefighters belong to the February meeting to discuss both sides of the issue.

City Council Term Limits

Commissioner Breeden, citing the January 9 report in the Washington Post, asked the Commission to support the position that City Council should not act unilaterally through legislation to repeal term limits put in place by the voters. While opinions varied on the merits of term limits, the Commission agreed unanimously that the voters should make the decision. The Commission vote to send a letter to the Council Chair, with copies to all Council members, urging the Council not to address the matter through legislation. It was further agreed that ANC3B would contact other Commissions to generate support for placing the issue on the ballot for decision by referendum during an upcoming election.

Building Permits

Commissioner Mizerek expressed concern about the work now taking place at 2200 Wisconsin Avenue with no corresponding permit on file at DCRA. Commissioner Breeden expressed exasperation with DCRA’s slothful response to ANC3B’s request that an inspector visit the site to determine if permits exist for the work under way. Commissioner Mizerek also relayed concerns of a resident who owns property abutting the sites at the intersection of Tunlaw and 37th Street for which new homes are for sale, noting that the Commission had received no notice of building permits being sought for construction of such homes. It was agreed the Commissioners Mizerek and Breeden would schedule a meeting with the current director of the Building and Land Regulation Administration to address these concerns, which the Commission had already raised in a meeting with the previous director, Armando Lourenco, some months ago.


Commissioner Ritzenberg raised the issue of redistricting to take place to adjust ward boundaries based on the 2000 census findings. Jack Evans noted that Glover Park has a natural affinity with Burleith and that it might be useful for the two neighborhoods to be rejoined in a single Commission area as they were prior to the most recent redistricting. The Commission agreed unanimously to invite At-large Councilmember Phil Mendelson, chair of the Council’s new Subcommittee on Labor, Voting Rights, and Redistricting, to the March 8 meeting to discuss redistricting issues in a town hall format.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.


Minutes approved on February 8, 2001 by a vote of ____________.



________________ ________________

Monica Mizerek Toni A. Ritzenberg

Chair Secretary

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