Resolution Regarding Pedestrian and Vehicular Safety at Wisconsin Avenue and Garfield Street

On July 9, 2015, ANC3B voted 4-0 to approve a resolution asking the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) to assess the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Garfield Street NW, in the interest of reducing confusion and improving safety for pedestrians and vehicles. The ANC asked DDOT to look at the way the pavement is marked to indicate a lane shift in the southbound lanes of Wisconsin Avenue just south of the intersection with Garfield Street.  In particular, the ANC requested that DDOT consider a) returning the intersection to its original configuration before the restructuring of Wisconsin Avenue from six lanes to four lanes in Cathedral Heights-Glover Park in 2012; and b) restoring curbside parking spaces in front of the Garfield House at 2844 Wisconsin Avenue NW, on the west side of Wisconsin just south of the Garfield Street intersection.

See the full text of the resolution at:  ANC3B Resolution Wisconsin and Garfield July 2015