November 2019 Meeting Report

All Commissioners were in attendance: Ann Mladinov (3B01), Jackie Blumenthal (3B02), Melissa Lane (3B03), Mary Young (3B04) and Brian Turmail (3B05).

Police Report.  Brian Bray was introduced as the new MPD Second District Captain for Sector 2 (PSA 204-206). Captain Bray previously served in 2D as a Lieutenant 20 years ago but has since worked in several other MPD districts. Overall, crime in his sector was down 3 percent for the year to date, although the number of thefts from auto in ANC3B in the past 30 days increased from 2 to 11 compared to last month. Captain Bray was accompanied by Detective Jones to speak about the two robberies on November 7th in the 3800 and 4000 blocks of Calvert Street.  A group of juveniles estimated to be age 6 or 7 to 13 or 14 assaulted two different individuals.  The first person was able to fend them off; the second person had a cell phone stolen. MPD is investigating these crimes and welcomes any video or other evidence. Lt. Jones indicated these were isolated incidents. 

Discussion of Legislative Developments and Priorities with DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson.  Chairman Mendelson discussed a wide range of issues and took several questions. Highlights included: (a) On October 8th, the Council adopted changes to the Framework Element of the District Comprehensive Plan. A main focus of the draft plan is affordable housing. The Framework Element included more general descriptions of the development allowed in each zone, though he acknowledged residents’ interest In participating in development decisions and not let developers do whatever they want; (b) The Council is holding a series of hearings on education, including academic achievement at DC public and charter schools (November 22), teacher and principal turnover (December 4), truancy and attendance (December 5) and the Public Education Master Facilities Plan (December 18); (c) The Council is considering a bill to split the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs into two agencies one for business licenses and consumer protection and the other for building permits and compliance  (hearing December 10); (d) The Council would likely take disciplinary action against CM Jack Evans based on the recommendations being developed by the Council’s special ad hoc committee chaired by CM Cheh; (e) The Chairman does not support proposed bills to limit or prohibit outside employment for Councilmembers; f) When asked about individuals assessed as needing mental health services being placed In apartments under housing voucher programs without carrying forward the services they need, he said that case workers need to be assigned to recipients, agreed with the Commissioners that the city should devote more resources to mental health programs and suggested that existing resources may not be effectively spent by the Department of Human Services. He suggested that the ANC put together a letter setting out all these issues to CM Nadeau’s Committee on Human Services; and (g) The law passed by the Council last year on Airbnb allows homeowners to use whatever space they wish for short term rentals but only if it’s the owner’s primary residence The law also bars tenants from subletting rental  apartments as short-term housing. (Short-term rental of condos is governed by the condo association rules.) 

Presentation of Draft Comprehensive Plan by Andrew Trueblood, Director, Office of Planning (OP).  Director Trueblood gave an overview of the new draft amendments to the entire District Comprehensive Plan, a 20 year vision intended to be a guide for future growth and development in DC ( posted for comment on October 15th.  Public comment will be accepted until December 20th and ANC comments until January 31st.  OP will hold a Comp Plan workshop for residents of Ward 3 on December 7th at Wilson High School.  OP’s current target is to deliver the updated plan to Council in the spring and get Council approval in Fall 2020.  A member of the audience asked that ANC 3B consider a resolution to request an extension in the deadline for public comment until April 1 to allow for more complete and comprehensive review of all the proposed amendments, since the draft would change virtually every section of the plan, in many cases eliminating or undermining important language affecting what is allowed for development and public input. Commissioner Turmail said that ANC 3B could consider such a resolution at the December meeting. 

Grant Request from Glover Park Alliance Doing Business as Glover Park Main Street (GPMS).  Chris Wainwright, co-chair of the Glover Park Alliance, presented a grant request for $2500 to cover the cost of a laptop computer, iPad and software for the Glover Park Main Street to begin its work.  He announced that the Alliance has hired Kate Dean as the GPMS Executive Director.  Make Offices DC at 2201 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, has generously donated office space.  The grant was approved 3-0 (Commissioners Blumenthal and Lane recused from the vote because of their work with GPA). 

Resolution to Support a Stipulated License for Dumplings and Beyond at 2400 Wisconsin Avenue.   ANC 3B unanimously passed a resolution asking the Alcohol Beverage Control Board to grant a liquor license to Dumplings and Beyond without the usual 45-day waiting period.

Updates and Information

The next meeting of ANC3B will be Thursday, December 12.