Letters and Resolutions

2019 Letters and Resolutions

Letter to WMATA Board Recommending Community Meeting to talk about proposed changes in Metrobus services (1/20)

Letter to Office of Planning Requesting Extension of Time for Public Review of DC Comprehensive Plan Amendments (12/19)

Resolution Supporting Stipulated License for Dumplings and Beyond at 2400 Wisconsin Avenue (11/19)

Letter to DDOT Regarding Bike and Scooter Programs (10/19)

Letter to DC Council Supporting B23-0245 Extending “Great Weight” to ANC Comments on Comprehensive Plan (10/19)

Letter to DC Council Opposing B23-0318 Decriminalizing Institutions of Sex Trade (10/19)

Letter to DDOT Regarding Final Recommendations in Livability Study Rock Creek Far West (9/19)

Letter to the Mayor and DC Council Regarding Agreement for Maret Use of Jelleff Playing Field (9/19)

Resolution Regarding Glover Park Hotel Plans for Roof Deck (9/19)

Letter to DDOT Regarding ANC3B Approval for NOI #19-211-TOA, Restoration of AM Rush Hour Parking on East Side of Wisconsin Avenue Between Whitehaven and Calvert Streets (9/19)

Letter to DC Council Regarding Proposed Bill B23-180 On-Site Services Act (7/19)

Letter to Zoning Commission Regarding Proposed Text Amendment on Voluntary Design Review (7/19)

Resolution Supporting Request for a Stipulated License for Laliguras Indian and Nepali Bistro at 2332 Wisconsin Avenue NW (7/19)

Letter to DC Office of Zoning Supporting Request for Variance at 2103 Huidekoper Place NW (7/19)

Letter to DC Office of Zoning Supporting Request for Variance at 3764 Benton Street NW (6/19)

Letter to DC Council Regarding School Funding and Other Issues (5/19)

Letter to DDOT Public Space Committee regarding revised Proposed Design Guidelines for Small Cell Technology (3/19)

Letter to DPR in Support of Shredding-Recycling Day at Guy Mason April 27 (3/19)

Letter to DPR in Support of Glover Park Day June 1, 2019 (3/19)

Letter to Mayor on Budget Priorities for FY2020 (2/19)

2018 Letters and Resolutions

Resolution Regarding the Need for a Men’s Emergency Hypothermia Shelter West of Rock Creek Park This Winter (11/18)

Letter to Councilmember Mary Cheh Regarding Small Cell Technology (11/18)

Letter to DDOT Regarding Proposed Design Guidelines for Small Cell Technology (10/18)

Resolution Regarding Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018 (10/18)

Letter of Support for Renewing Glover Park Clean Team for another year (7/18)

Letter of Support for Glover Park Day on rain date September 15 (6/18)

Resolution Regarding Application for Zoning Variance and Special Exception at 4017 Davis Place NW (6/18)

Resolution Regarding Application for Zoning Special Exception for Child Care Center at Union Building (6/18)

Resolution Regarding Request to Amend Settlement Agreement with Good Guys (6/18)

Resolution Regarding 2340 Wisconsin Avenue NW Public Space Permit #299146 (4/18)

Letter of Support for Glover Park Day 2018 (4/18)

Resolution Supporting Implementation of Neighborhood Engagement Achieves Results (NEAR) Act (3/18)

Resolution Regarding DC Comprehensive Plan Update (3/18)

Letter Requesting Further Discount on Rent DGS Charges Community Foodworks for Glover Park-Burleith Farmers Market to Use Hardy Middle School Parking Lot (3/18)

Resolution Regarding the Leaf Blower Regulation Act (B22-0234) (2/18)

Resolution Opposing Proposed Merger between Washington Gas and AltaGas (1/18)

2017 Letters and Resolutions

Resolution Regarding Domino’s Application for a Zoning Special Exception and Variance at 2330 Wisconsin Avenue, NW  (11/17)

Resolution Regarding Trader Joe’s Application for a Class B Liquor License at 2101 Wisconsin Avenue NW (11/17)

Resolution Regarding Traffic Congestion and Pedestrian Safety at Wisconsin Avenue and W Place NW (10/17)

Resolution Regarding Improved Pedestrian Safety at Tunlaw Road and Davis Place NW (10/17)

Resolution Regarding Removing Parking Spaces and Improving Safety at Wisconsin Avenue and Fulton Street NW (10/17)

Vote to Support Glover Park Citizens’ Association Proposal to Install Five New Sets of Public Benches in Glover Park (9/17)

Resolution Requesting Stop Signs on Cathedral Avenue NW (7/17)

Letter to Board of Ethics and Government Accountability Regarding Draft Opinion on ANC Ethics (7/17)

Resolution Regarding DC Circulator Plan to Eliminate Service on Wisconsin Avenue (6/17)

Resolution in Support of Lifting No Left Turn and Adding a Traffic Signal at the Intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Observatory Circle (5/17)

Letter to Council Supporting Increased Per Pupil Funding for DC Public Schools in 2017-18 Budget (5/17)

Letter to Council Supporting Including Funds for Clean Teams in District FY 2018 Budget (4/17)

Letter Endorsing Permit for Glover Park Day (4/17)

Letter Supporting Friends of Guy Mason Springfest at Guy Mason Recreation Center (4/17)

Letter to DC Public Service Commission recommending reductions in Pepco’s requested rate increase (3/17)

Letter to WMATA opposing proposed elimination of 37 bus route in FY2018  budget (2/17)

2016 Letters and Resolutions

Letter to Mayor recommending funding for senior services in FY2018 budget for DC Office of Aging (12/16)

Letter to DC Council December 8 urging rejection of new revised ANC Omnibus Amendment Act (12/16)

Letter to DC Council November 30 urging rejection of revised ANC Omnibus Amendment Act (approved 12/16)

Resolution in Support of Revised Settlement Agreement with Mason Inn (12/16)

Resolution in Protest of Renewing Liquor License for Mason Inn without Revised Settlement Agreement (11/16)

Letter to DC Council November 10 supporting four proposed tenant protection bills (approved 12/16)

Resolution in Support of Operating the Fillmore Arts Center Beyond the Current School Year (10/16)

Resolution Regarding Revising DC Council Bill B21-0826 Draft Statehood Constitution (10/16)

Resolution Regarding Revised Settlement Agreement with Good Guys (10/16)

Resolution Regarding Settlement Agreement with Rite Aid on its Application for Class A Liquor License (6/16)

Resolution Regarding Homeward DC Omnibus Legislation (3/16)

Resolution in Support of Restoring Funding for Fillmore Arts Center (3/16)

Letter to the Public Service Commission Regarding March 7 Pepco-Exelon Request for Other Relief (3/16)

Resolution Regarding Rite Aid Request to Remove Class A Licenses from Glover Park Liquor License Moratorium (2/16)

Letter Supporting Special Exception for Rear Deck Addition at 3836 Beecher Street NW (1/16)

2015 Letters and Resolutions

Letter Opposing Non-Unanimous Settlement Agreement in Pepco-Exelon Case before the DC PSC (12/15)

Motion to Recommend 5-Year Extension of Glover Park Moratorium on Liquor Licenses, removing restrictions on liquor licenses for restaurants while continuing to prevent new licenses for taverns, nightclubs, and full-service liquor stores (11/15)

Resolution Regarding Live Events at Mad Fox and Amendment to Settlement Agreement (11/15)

Resolution Regarding Embassy Church Public Space Application #113460 (11/15)

Resolution Recommending Homeless Men’s Emergency Hypothermia Shelter West of Rock Creek Park (11/15)

Resolution to Restore Parking during Morning Rush Hours on Northbound Wisconsin Avenue (9/15)

Letter from Chairman Supporting Community Efforts to Decrease Airplane Noise (9/15)

Resolution Supporting Community Efforts to Decrease Airplane Noise (9/15)

Resolution Regarding Proposed Cuts to WMATA’s D1 and N3 Bus Lines (9/15)

Resolution Regarding ABRA Application by Savoy Suites Hotel (7/15)

Resolution Regarding DDOT Proposed Bike Route on Tunlaw and 37th Street (7/15)

Resolution Regarding Pedestrian and Vehicular Safety at Wisconsin Avenue and Garfield Street (7/15)

Resolution Regarding DDOT Proposal for New Electronic Sign Regulations (7/15)

Letter Supporting Removal of Ginkgo Tree at 2239 39th Place (7/15)

Letter Supporting Re-Nomination of Sandra Mattavous-Frye as People’s Counsel (6/15)

Resolution Opposing Drastic Cuts to 2015-2016 Funding for Wilson High School (4/15)

Resolution Congratulating Glover Park United Football Club (4/15)

Letter to DC PSC opposing latest Pepco-Exelon acquisition proposal (4/15)

Letter to BZA Supporting Rear Deck Addition at 2131 Observatory Place (4/15)

Letter to Anita Bonds Regarding ANC Grant-Making Authority (3/15)

Letter to DC Parks and Recreation Regarding 2015 Glover Park Day (2/15)

Resolution Opposing Cuts to D1, D2, and N3 Bus Service (2/15)

Resolution Opposing Proposed Pepco-Exelon Acquisition (2/15)

2014 Letters and Resolutions

Letter to DC Council Chair Supporting Stand-Alone Education Committee (12/14)

Resolution Requesting Removal of No Left Turn at Southbound Wisconsin Ave. and Calvert Sts. NW (10/14)

Resolution Supporting Removal of Curb Cut at 3527 W. Pl. NW (10/14)

Resolution Supporting Tree Protections in DC Zoning Regulations (9/14)

Resolution Supporting Parking Accommodations for Stoddert Elementary Teachers and Administrators (7/14)

Resolution Supporting Stoddert Elementary and By-Right Neighborhood Schools (5/14)

Resolution Supporting Demountable Classrooms at Stoddert Elementary (4/14)

Letter to DC Water Regarding Proposed Green Infrastructure Project (4/14)

Resolution Supporting Speed Cameras, Bus Stop Changes, and Other Wisconsin Ave. Pedestrian Safety Features (2/14)

Resolution Supporting Elimination of Rush-Hour Left Turn Restrictions from Mass. Ave. to Observatory Circle (2/14)

Resolution Supporting 42nd Street Speed Cameras (2/14)

2013 Resolutions

Resolution Opposing Good Guys Liquor License Renewal (11/13)

Resolution Opposing JP’s Nude Dancing Liquor License Renewal (7/13)

Resolution Opposing JP’s Substantial Change (7/13)

Resolution Regarding Making 35th St. Two-Way at the Intersection of Wisconsin Ave. (6/13)

Resolution Supporting Sunday Hours for Guy Mason Community Recreation Center (6/13)

Resolution to Eliminate Idling D1 Buses at Stoddert Elementary and to Consolidate Glover Park Bus Stops (5/13)

Resolution to Preserve and Protect Dumbarton Oaks Park (5/13)

Resolution Supporting Proposed Update of DC Zoning Code (2/13)

Resolution Supporting Glover Park-Cathedral Heights Neighborhood Planning Group Emergency Planning Initiative (2/13)

Resolution Opposing Mason Inn Roof Deck Application (1/13)

2012 Resolutions

Resolution to Institute Zone 3 Resident-Only Parking on W Place, Hall Place, and the Portion of Tunlaw Rd. between 37th St. and the Dead End (12/12)

Resolution in Support of Expanding DC Public Library Hours (12/12)

Resolution in Response to Alcohol Beverage Control Board Decision on JPs Ownership Transfer (10/12)

Resolution Recommending Changes in Alcohol Beverage Control Board Omnibus Legislation (10/12)

Resolution Regarding Installation of Additional Capitol Bikeshare Stations in Ward 3 (10/12)

Resolution Requesting a Public ABRA Hearing Regarding the Ownership of JP’s Liquor License (9/12)

Resolution Calling for City Council Investigation of Pepco’s Frequent Power Outages in Glover Park and the District of Columbia (7/12)

Resolution Calling for City Agencies to Increase Use of Electronic Notification for ANC Commissioners  (7/12)

Resolution Opposing Mayor’s Proposal to Expand Liquor Service Hours in Glover Park (4/12)

Resolution Calling on DC Council to Enact Comprehensive Rent Control Reform (4/12)

Resolution Eliminating Class B Liquor Licenses from the Glover Park Liquor License Moratorium (3/12)

Resolution Modifying the Glover Park Liquor License Moratorium for Class CR Licenses(2/12)

Resolution in Favor of Bus Shelter at Wisconsin Ave. and Fulton St. NW (2/12)

2011 Resolutions

Resolution Requesting Reversal of N2 Bus Route Changes  12/11

Resolution Opposing Cuts in Glover Park’s D1 and D2 Bus Service (9/11)

Resolution Opposing Elimination of N8 Bus (2/11)

Resolution Supporting Renaming of the Stoddert Rec Center to the Glover Park Community Center (3/11)

Resolution in Support of New Mexico Avenue Bicycle Lanes (2/11)

2010 Resolutions

Opposition to Renewal of Liquor License for JP’s Nightclub (11/10)

Application for Renewal of Liquor License for Good Guys (11/10)

Capital Bikeshare Locations in Glover Park/Cathedral Heights (7/10)

Temporary Storage of ANC 3B Files and Equipment (6/10)

Concerns Regarding the Effect of Georgetown University’s 10-year Plan on Glover Park and Surrounding Neighborhoods (5/10)

Security Personnel Hours at Good Guys (5/10)

Winter Sidewalk Safety Amendment Act of 2009 (3/10)

2009 Resolutions

Application to Increase Operation Hours for Gin & Tonic Nightclub (11/09)

Stoddert Elementary School Budget Cuts (10/09)

Circulator Bus Service in Glover Park (10/09)

City Council Consideration of Marriage Equality for Same-Sex Couples in Washington, DC (10/09)


Resolution Recommending Dissolving ABRA License for JP’s Nightclub

Resolution Requesting No Changes to D2 Bus Line and Expanded Service on D1 Bus Line

Resolution Approving Stoddert Elementary and Recreation Center Modernization Project