ABRA Turns Down ANC 3B Request for Public Hearing – JP’s to Re-Open

On October 3, the ABC Board both denied ANC 3B’s request for a public fact-finding hearing on ownership issues related to the JP’s nude dancing license and approved the ownership transfer that puts a new group of people in charge of that license.  This means that once the interior build-out of JP’s is completed, the license will be reactivated and JP’s will be back in business.  At that time, the license will need to be renewed and public comment will be sought.  Meanwhile, ANC 3B has sent a resolution to ABRA decrying its refusal to recognize that residents have a real stake in who owns and operates JP’s and is seeking a FOIA release of documents related to the ownership issues.  Hyperlocal Glover Park has more details on the ABRA action and its consequences.