What is the ANC?

Your ANC Commissioner is your most direct link to higher elected officials and to all of DC’s agencies and departments. There are about 280 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners in the District, each representing about 2,000 DC residents. Elections are non-partisan, held in November of even-numbered years, and terms are two years long.

The role of the ANC is to represent the neighborhood in key decisions. DC law states that “each advisory neighborhood commission may advise the District government on matters of public policy including decisions regarding planning, streets, recreation, social services programs, health, safety, and sanitation” in that neighborhood commission area.

ANC 3B consists of five commissioners who represents the communities of Glover Park and Cathedral Heights.  ANC 3B holds public meetings once a month, usually at 7 PM on the second Thursday of the month, at the Stoddert Elementary School and Recreation Center.

The five current commissioners, who serve two-year terms lasting from Jan. 1, 2015 – Dec. 31, 2017, are Jackie Blumenthal (Chair), Brian Turmail (Vice-Chair), Ann Mladinov (Secretary), Mary Young (Treasurer), and Abigail Zenner.  For more information on the commissioners, click here.