ANC 3B Public Meeting Agenda

Thursday, July 10, 2014, at 7 pm

Stoddert Elementary and Glover Park Community Center


Police Report

Liquor License Application, Davali LLC, The Westchester, 4000 Cathedral Ave. NW. Davali LLC at the Westchester will take over the current restaurant from its owners who will retire on the 1st of August, and is seeking a new liquor license for the location. ANC 3B will vote to support or oppose the license application. Please feel free to express your views on this liquor license to ANC 3B either in advance of ( or at the meeting.
Friendship Place Grant Application: Friendship Place seeks a $2,500 ANC 3B grant for street outreach supplies to help Friendship Place connect with people who are experiencing homelessness in NW DC. The outreach will include special efforts to connect youth and young adults to the new Before Thirty program, which is part of Friendship Place’s AimHire job placement program.

Update on New Construction Plans and Requested Zoning Exemption for 3915 and 3919 Fulton St. NW.  ANC3B heard from neighbors, legal representative and developer of properties located at 3915 and 3919 Fulton Street NW at our June meeting. The developer plans to demolish the two existing single-family homes and build a three story condo on each property. Last month the ANC split on approval and at the scheduled hearing, BZA postponed its decision pending further discussion on points of contention between the developers and neighbors. The developer and neighbors are currently in negotiations to determine if concerns can be addressed prior to a zoning board decision on the exemption. Commissioners will provide an update on this project.

Discussion and Potential ANC Vote on Resolution Regarding Stoddert Elementary Teacher Parking.   Trailers will be installed this summer in the Stoddert Elementary parking lot to provide space needed for students. This will cause the loss of approximately 16 parking spots, leaving inadequate parking spaces for teachers. ANC 3B will discuss this issue and potentially vote on a resolution asking DDOT to provide special permits for teachers or to find other approaches to resolve this parking shortage.

Update on DDOT Renovation of 200-2100 blocks of Tunlaw Rd. and Repair of W Place Stairs.  DDOT will be improving sidewalks and roadway along Tunlaw Road between 37th St and the dead end and repairing the steps on W Place starting sometime after July 4.  Commissioner Blumenthal will describe this project.

Discussion and Potential Votes on ANC 3B Resolutions Regarding DC Council Legislation. ANC 3B will discuss and potentially vote on resolutions asking the Council to pass the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Act of 2013 and the Coal Fired Power Prohibition Act of 2013.


Approval of June 2014 Financial Report and Meeting Minutes
Approval of FY 2014 Q3 Financial Report
Update of ANC 3B Grant Bylaws to reflect new auditor requirements that grantees expend all funds within 60 days of approval.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.


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